🔥👉 Which is the safest seat in a bus while travelling at night?

"✅👉 The safest seat in a bus while travelling at night is toward the front of the bus."

Issac Kulas
Issac Kulas

Is trout the same fish as salmon?

No, they are two different fish.

Which material has the largest shrinkage allowance, lead or plain carbon steel?

Lead has the largest shrinkage allowance.

There are 78 children in a park. If 30 percent of them girls, how many boys are there?

There are 54 boys in the park.

Can I report a nurse for being disrespectful & jabbing me with a needle syringe while taking my blood? She was extremely rough with me & was throwing things around.

Yes, you can report the nurse to her supervisor or the head of the clinic or hospital.

Dose Anyone else cringe at the sight of a broken arrow even if it's just in a video or a film?

I totally get where you're coming from! I'm the same way with needles.

What does the Tesla car offer as services? I don't mean product, I mean service.

The Tesla car offers a variety of services, including a test drive, a loaner car, a service plan, and more.

If x1 is highly correlated with x2 in the sample, and x2 has a large partial effect on y, would you expect 1 ~ B and B_1(hat) to be similar or very different in magnitude? Explain by using the omitted variable bias formula?

If x1 is highly correlated with x2, then x2 is likely to be a good predictor of x1. This means that the estimated coefficient for x1 would be biased towards zero.

Could medication, sweat, or sickness result in the scalp releasing a sour, vinegary odor after a workout or after a quick long stroll under the sun?

A sour, vinegary odor on the scalp may be caused by sweating, overheating, or certain medications.

Why would so many Americans trade their human and Constitutional Rights to let someone (TSA) fondle their genitalia for supposed 'national security?'

There are many Americans who would argue that giving up some of their rights is a small price to pay for national security. Other Americans may believe that the TSA is not actually infringing on their rights, or that the TSA's actions are necessary and effective in keeping the country safe.

How does the notion of time differ from place to another?

The notion of time differs from place to another in a few ways. One way is that how long ago something happened may be understood differently. For example, in Western cultures, people tend to think in terms of years when referring to historical events, whereas in many Eastern cultures, people think in terms of dynasties. Also, the way time is measured may differ. In the West, people typically use a 12-hour clock, whereas in the East, people may use a 24-hour clock.

I’m a very sensitive person, do you have any tips on how can I become less sensitive and “build a wall”?

Here are a few things that may help:
-Talk to someone who will understand and can offer helpful advice
-Identify your personal triggers and try to avoid them
-Challenge your negative thoughts- are they really true?
-Focus on self-care and do things that make you happy
-Build a support system of people you can rely on

How do you properly diagnose computer noises?

There is no one definitive way to diagnose computer noises. However, common methods include using a self-contained diagnostic tool that runs through a series of tests on the computer, or contacting the computer's manufacturer for guidance. Additionally, many computer Repair shops offer diagnostic services.

What’s the last thing you logged off of?


What is a short note on the Civil War?

The American Civil War (1861-1865) was fought between the United States of America and the Confederate States of America, a collection of eleven southern states that seceded from the USA following the election of President Abraham Lincoln. The primary cause of the war was slavery and states' rights.

I met a girl online and we fell for each other, it's a tricky and heart aching and fantastic situation all at once. What do you guys think?

There's no definitive answer, and it really depends on the people involved. Ultimately, if both parties are happy with the situation, then that's all that matters.

How To Drink Wine Like an Expert

When drinking wine, it is important to let the wine breath. This means that you should pour the wine into a decanter or carafe and let it sit for at least 30 minutes before drinking. This allows the wine to open up and release its full flavor.

Is there any way that I can circumvent ordering new ink ribbons for a typewriter, maybe by resizing the holes? The pegs on mine are too big for the holes in the ink ribbons.

There is no way to circumvent ordering new ink ribbons. The pegs on the typewriter are too big for the holes in the ink ribbons.

How do I check Google Rankings’ best methods?

There are many methods to check Google Rankings. You can use the Google Rankings Checker tool, ask someone to do a search on your behalf, or manually check your position using the search engine results pages (SERPs).

What is the radar market size and share?

The global radar market is expected to reach USD 25.24 billion by 2025, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc. It is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 7.3% over the forecast period. The increasing investments in the defense sector are expected to drive the growth of the market. The development of multi-functional and multi-mode radars is anticipated to fuel the demand for these systems over the forecast period.

The North American radar market is expected to grow at a significant rate owing to the development of advanced radars by the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in the U.S. and Canada. For instance, Lockheed Martin Corporation developed an advanced multimode radar, which can detect and track targets at long range in varied terrains and weather conditions. This radar has been installed on the F-35 aircraft and is capable of tracking both air and ground targets simultaneously.

Some of the key players operating in the global radar market include Northrop Grumman Corporation, Robert Bosch GmbH, Thales Group, Raytheon Company, Saab AB, and Airbus Group SE.

In the mesophyll cells, there is an organelle that is responsible for photosynthesis. What is this organelle?

The organelle that is responsible for photosynthesis in the mesophyll cells is called the chloroplast.

Can I straighten my teeth even though I still have baby teeth?

You should wait until all of your baby teeth have fallen out before you straighten your teeth.

What was Gregory Winter's role in developing antibody engineering technology?

Gregory Winter's main contribution to antibody engineering technology was his development of phage display, which is a method for producing monoclonal antibodies.

Can a B.Tech graduate teach in schools?

In India, a B.Tech graduate cannot teach in schools. They must first complete a teacher training program before they can be eligible to teach in schools.

What is the main message in Atlas Shrugged?

The main message in Atlas Shrugged is that the world would be a better place if people were free to pursue their own interests.

Ammonites have left their spiral shells as fossils. The shell is divided in several chambers. Which of the chambers did the ammonite inhabit?

The ammonite inhabited the last chamber of its shell.

What's your favorite mother/grandmother story?

One time, my mom was making dinner and she burned the roast. The whole house filled up with smoke, and the fire alarm went off. My mom started swearing and throwing things, and my grandmother just sat there at the table, calmly eating her dinner. Finally, my mom asked her why she wasn't upset about the burnt roast, and my grandmother replied, "Because I'm not the one who has to eat it."

How much chlorine dioxide is required in a high rate solid contact clarifier to get 1 ppm free residual chlorine if we prepare the ClO2 by the reaction of sodium chlorite and chlorine?

This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This script uses the NaOCl dosage from table 4-1 of Design of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants Manual - WEF, 5th Edition, MOP 35. To use this calculator, enter the dosage amount from the above table (which is a function of plant flow and effluent quality as well as other factors such as detention time and sludge type). The results are based on mathematical applications for formula 6-2 and figures 6-4 to 6-6. The last column is a dynamic number that changes based on the other inputs. A value of one million gallons per day (mgd) is approximately equal to 3785 cubic meters per day (m3 / d). If you have an estimated desired ppm of free residual chlorine, you can estimate the amount required by clicking on Calculate Free Residual Chlorine Required.

Enter Plant Flow: mgd Plant Flow Required Plant Flow: thousands of gallons per day Please entry salinity mg blood saline/liter Enter ClO2 Dosage: dosage ClO2 Dosage Required ClO2 Dosage: decimal pounds served per million gallons Please enter sludge type 10-25% = * .45 .25 25-50% = * .60 .53 50%-75% = * .70 .65 75-100% = * .75 These are default values for these inputs; if different, see your WWTP Engineer for reevaluation! Note that occasional users will not be able to define chloride conversion factors because they will result in a positive clovesioxide concentration! You can click "Calculate" with zero as the chloride concentration to see this condition result. Enter SRT(days): days SRT(days) Required SRT(days) Required: decimal days Please enter the desired free residual chlorine ppm required Desired Free Residual Chlorine (ppm): ppm Desired Free Residual Chlorine Required ppm Desired Free Resida

Brajesh Pathak has been made the new deputy chief minister in the Yogi Adityanath government. Do you think that he is the right choice?

No, I do not think he is the right choice.

How can I create such images?

I will treasure each of these images forever and I want to be able to print them off so I can display them around my house. Think about classic photographs. What makes them so special? Lens blur does not play an important role in many classic photographs (think Ansel Adams) and, often, stop action is not captured well by old technologies (think blurred images as a subject races by). Look closely at the most cherished photographs that you have. How many of those are captured with perfect lens blur or focus? How many are blurry shots of animals or birds running away? In other words, choose your configuration with care. Will the portfolio consist primarily of 75 shots in sharp focus at 1/320 sec at f/2 telling a specific story, or would a series of 100 poorly focused images that capture the essence of the subject matter better suit your purpose? When capturing your portfolio’s subject matter, it is critical to follow your muse — but remember — your portfolio needs to tell a story, too!

Also consider framing questions, such as: If a portfolio contains portraits, will you display them8 x 10 or 5 x 7or smaller? If landscapes, will you frame on 18 x 26 paper for a deeply emotional statement or matsed 11 x 14with double matting and standard 8-09 glass for deep depth perception? The designs that display only one large photograph created inside projects or yearbooks below, often in black and white. Your passion for quality creating and photographing quality portfolios has inspired me. I am wondering if it would be appropriate to ask you some specific questions once they have assembled enough pictures to create a blog post on anything related to making a great portfolio. Depending on your assignment, as always, consult with your professor regarding deadlines. Do this first …because planners drive marketing. Build Date4:0:45:089 PDT20092016 How do I rank my website less than 2-3 weeks and get it indexed? Just as there is no “right” way to capture images and create portfolios, there also is no “right” way to place your printed work onto the Internet so others can view it — any approach that adheres to basic security protocols is sufficient! For example, Facebook allows portfolios starting in 2009 we recommend avoiding Facebook; unless you understand the privacy ramifications that come with each click of their user agreement. Of the free online sites available right now (summer 2016), we highly recommend SmugMugSm

What embellishments do young boys Project on their Fathers?

There is no one answer to this question as boys may project different embellishments onto their fathers depending on their individual relationships. Some boys may view their fathers as strong and powerful, while others may see them as loving and supportive. Whatever the case may be, it is likely that boys will have some sort of positive projection onto their fathers.

What are some deep thought provoking images/screenshots that would make the viewer stop and think about it for a minute?

1. A close-up of a person's eye, with a deep, dark pupil surrounded by a bright white iris.

2. An image of the night sky, with stars twinkling in the darkness.

3. A close-up of a flower, with its petals soft and delicate.

4. A baby's face, with its big eyes and innocent expression.

5. A close-up of an animal's face, with its expressive eyes and furry coat.

Which builders are listed in the top 10 builders in Pune? I want to buy a 2 BHK flat in Keshav Nagar Road.

Kolte Patil Developers Ltd, Oxford Properties, Amit Enterprises, Goel Ganga Developments, Paranjape Schemes (Constructions) Ltd, Megapolis Developers Pvt. Ltd, Bhakti Group, Kasturi Housing, Pawar Public school are some of the top builders in Pune.

What do you find when you look at the effect of taxes and subsidies on price and consumer theory together?

The effect of taxes and subsidies on price and consumer theory is that taxes and subsidies can either increase or decrease the price of a good or service, depending on the specific tax or subsidy. They can also affect the amount of a good or service that consumers purchase.

What is the status of Native American land?

The status of Native American land is a complex and controversial issue. There are a variety of opinions on the subject, and no definitive answer.

Why does Obama's bookcase look so empty lately?

It is unclear.

What is the word for a small group of elite people?

A small group of elite people is called a coterie.

If the recipient's name is spelled wrong on a letter, will it still be sent?

If the recipient's name is spelled wrong on a letter, it will still be sent.

What does the colour of the trail tell the rider?

The colour of the trail tells the rider the level of difficulty of the trail. Green means easy, blue means intermediate, and black means difficult.

What companies will have the largest legacy costs in the future?

Companies with large legacy costs in the future will include those in industries with high environmental cleanup costs, such as oil and gas, mining, and manufacturing. Others will include companies with large pension and healthcare obligations, such as airlines and automakers.

Can music be streamed for educational purposes or how is a blanket license acquired?

Yes, music can be streamed for educational purposes. A blanket license can be acquired from a performing rights organization, such as BMI or ASCAP.

What is the most colorful country in Europe?

There is no definitive answer to this question as what one person may consider to be the most colorful country in Europe, another person may not. Some potential candidates for the most colorful country in Europe could include Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Greece, which are all known for their bright and vibrant colors.

What food items would be suitable for keeping in the car in the event of a breakdown so there is something to eat (eg have a decent energy content, last a decent amount of time before going out of date)?

A tin of soup, a packet of nuts, a couple of energy bars and a bottle of water.

What does it mean when my ex-boyfriend blocks me after breaking up with him?

If he's blocked you it probably means he doesn't want to talk to you or see you.

The maintenance guy demanded entry claiming a marijuana smell was coming from the apartment when it was obviously coming from upstairs. Can we pursue legal action?

Yes. This would be considered illegal entry into your home, and you could sue the maintenance guy and the property owner for trespass.

Why are some trumpers railing about Hillary’s emails fiasco still after Capitol riots, while they have tonnes of dirt on themselves and their criminal leader?

Many Trump supporters believe that Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server while she was Secretary of State was corrupt and illegal, and they believe that she should be held accountable. After the Capitol riots, some Trump supporters argue that Clinton's emails are still relevant because she has not been held accountable for her actions. They believe that if Clinton had been held accountable, the Capitol riots may not have happened.

How can you tell an original oil painting?

Typically, original oil paintings will have a few key characteristics. They will be signed by the artist, and they will be painted on a traditional canvas. The paint will be applied in thin, overlapping layers, and the painting will have an overall textured appearance.

When did modern and contemporary art enter the curricula of university art history departments?

There is no definitive answer to this question as curricula vary from department to department. However, it is safe to say that modern and contemporary art began to enter university art history curricula in the mid-20th century.

If the observable universe is expanding, is it possible to aim a powerful telescope into the darkness and suddenly notice a star or planet pop up that was not visible moments before?

No, it is not possible to aim a telescope into the darkness and suddenly notice a star or planet pop up that was not visible moments before.

Would an SMS text message with punctuation marks appear 'passive aggressive' (i.e. the full stop, full point or period)?

It would depend on the context. A text message with punctuation marks could be seen as passive aggressive if the person interpreted it that way.

Why is the working student culture frowned upon in India?

The working student culture is frowned upon in India because of the idea that students should be focused on their studies and not working. There is a belief that working will distract students from their studies and that they will not be able to perform as well academically if they are working.

Even after fact checking Trump’s blatant lies, what makes you so loyal to him?

I am not loyal to Trump. I am skeptical of anyone in power, regardless of party affiliation.

Are these staff counsellor or psychologists jobs at U.N. ever given to outsiders or always internal candidatea?

The United Nations does not have a staff counsellor or psychologist job.

To what extent is economics the driving force of international politics?

Economics is a driving force of international politics, but it is not the only force. Other factors such as culture, history, and politics also play a role in shaping international relations.

Why is Punjab known as the wheat bowl of India when even Uttar Pradesh is producing a large amount of wheat?

Punjab is known as the wheat bowl of India because it has the highest production of wheat in India.

How do theists explain the thousands of different gods they don't believe in?

There are several possible explanations:

1. They could argue that the other gods are simply not real. This would be the most straightforward explanation, but it would require them to provide evidence that the other gods do not exist.

2. They could argue that the other gods are different aspects of the one true god, or that they are all ultimately the same god. This explanation would be more complex, but it would allow theists to maintain belief in their own god while still acknowledging the existence of other gods.

3. They could argue that the other gods are evil or false gods who should not be worshipped. This explanation would allow theists to maintain their belief in the one true god while still denouncing the practice of worshipping false gods.

What are some eye-opening films about life in Romania?

1. 4 Months, 3 Weeks, and 2 Days
2. The Death of Mr. Lazarescu
3. 12:08 East of Bucharest
4. Honey
5. Tuesday, After Christmas

How do I react when I found out my friend might have cancer?

If your friend has cancer, the best way to support them is to be there for them. Listen to them and offer your help and support. Try to be positive and encourage them to seek treatment.

Is sunlight really that bad for your skin? What about tanned skin?

Excessive sun exposure is associated with an increased risk of skin cancer, premature skin aging, and other skin conditions. A tan may temporarily make your skin look healthier, but it does not protect your skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Whenever I apply raw aloe vera on my skin, it starts itching and my skin becomes red. Whereas the packed products containing aloe Vera does not bother me. Can you explain the reason?

Aloe vera is a plant that contains a naturally high concentration of water. When applied to the skin, this water can cause irritation and lead to itchiness and redness. Some people are also allergic to aloe vera, which can further contribute to these symptoms. If you experience itching or redness after applying aloe vera to your skin, it is best to avoid using it in the future. There are many other topical treatments that can be used to soothe and moisturize the skin without causing these types of reactions.

How does the Odessa steps sequence begin?

The Odessa steps sequence begins with an establishing shot of the Odessa steps, followed by a close-up of a mother and her child. The camera then pans down the steps to show the crowd below, before cutting to a close-up of a man on the steps. The camera then pans back up the steps to show the mother and child again, before cutting to a close-up of a woman in the crowd. Finally, the camera pans down the steps once more to show the entire crowd and the ship in the harbor.

Should I contact the supply of my narc ex? He lied about being single, revealing he's having sex with his "landlady" who "is very depressed." Surely, she's trauma bonded to him. He uses her terribly. I worry about her.

You may want to consider contacting the supply of your narc ex and expressing your concerns. It is possible that she is trauma bonded to him and that he is using her terribly. If you have any information that could help her, it may be worth sharing with her. However, you should also be prepared for the possibility that she may not want to hear from you or may not be interested in your help.

How do I identify an original K&N air filter? Where can I get it in India for a bike (Apache)?

The easiest way to identify an original K&N air filter is by the label on the side. The label should have a white background with red lettering. If you are unsure, you can always contact K&N customer service for assistance. In India, you can purchase K&N air filters from authorized dealers or online retailers.

Money: How do I generate about 15 million in the coming 5 years?

There is no simple answer to this question, as there are many possible ways to generate 15 million over the course of five years. Some possible methods include investing in assets such as stocks, real estate, or businesses; starting a new business venture; or earning income from sources such as employment, freelancing, or dividends. The best method for generating 15 million in the next five years will vary depending on the individual's specific circumstances and goals.

What would happen if reservations were removed from the various exams/jobs in India for a certain period of time, like one, five, or ten years?

There would likely be an increase in competition for these exams/jobs, as individuals who may not have previously been eligible due to reservations would now be able to compete. This could lead to a more merit-based system where individuals are chosen based on their qualifications and abilities, rather than their background. Additionally, it could also lead to tension and conflict between social groups who have traditionally benefited from reservations.

When have you come out on top when the odds were stacked against you?

There have been many times when the odds were stacked against me and I came out on top. One time, in particular, was when I was a senior in high school. I was taking a very challenging course load and working a part-time job. I was also dealing with some personal issues. I was struggling to keep up with everything. My mom sat me down and told me that I could either quit my job or drop one of my classes. I decided to drop a class. I also knew that I needed to put more effort into my remaining classes if I wanted to graduate with good grades. I ended up getting all A's in my classes and graduated with honors.

How is detailed water supply scheme designed for a town?

A detailed water supply scheme for a town is typically designed by a water resource engineer. The engineer will develop a model of the hydrologic system in the area and determine the best location for water sources, taking into account things like population density, topography, and climate. Once potential sources are identified, the engineer will evaluate the feasibility of each source and develop a plan for developing and managing the water supply.

How do I keep weight loss from crash diets off?

Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to weight loss. Gradually changing your eating and exercise habits is the best way to keep the weight off for good. fad diets may help you lose a few pounds in the short-term, but they are not sustainable and you will likely regain the weight once you go back to your old habits. Making small changes to your diet, such as eating more vegetables and cutting back on processed foods, is a better way to create lasting changes that will help you reach your goal weight and stay there.

Why happens when love bombs turn into hate bombs in a narcissistic relationship?

When love bombs turn into hate bombs, it is typically because the narcissist has found someone new to idolize and idealize and is now turning all of their attention to this new person. The narcissist may also be feeling threatened or insecure in the relationship, which can lead to them lashing out in order to try and control the situation.

Do you think it’s a good idea to background check an attorney prior to paying his/her retainer request first using a good public database service, then on attorney bar sites?

Yes, it is a good idea to perform a background check on an attorney before paying them a retainer. Checking public databases and attorney bar sites can help you ensure that the attorney is properly licensed and has not been disciplinary action.

What is the difference between stair lifts and wheelchair lifts?

Stair lifts are specifically designed to help people with mobility issues navigate stairs. Wheelchair lifts, on the other hand, are designed to help people with mobility issues get around in general.

Hand guns have a closed tube underneath the barrel. What is this tube and what is its purpose?

The tube is the magazine, where the cartridges are stored.

How far can you push an investor on deal terms?

You can typically push an investor on deal terms within certain ranges without jeopardizing the deal. For example, you may be able to increase the amount of equity offered or decrease the amount of control given to the investor. However, if you push too hard on any one term, the investor may walk away from the deal.

Is Infosys expanding its 5000 seated development centre in Bhubaneswar?

To the best of our knowledge, Infosys is not expanding its 5000 seated development centre in Bhubaneswar.

Did the Roman empire only fight the inexperienced and inept?

No, the Roman empire fought both experienced and inept opponents.

For those people who receive a presidential pardon and then later commit the exact same federal crime again, does having the pardon in this scenario make them untouchable from being arrested, charged, and convicted unlike the first time?

No, however, it may make conviction more difficult as the government would have to prove that the individual intended to commit the crime, despite the pardon.

What are the physiological effects of fasting on the human body, hour by hour? At what point(s) in time are there marginal or no benefits to continuing to fast?

Fasting has a number of physiological effects on the body, including decreases in blood sugar and insulin levels, increased production of ketone bodies, and increased release of stress hormones like glucagon and adrenaline. These changes lead to a number of benefits, including improved blood sugar control, increased fat burning, and decreased hunger. However, after about 24 hours of fasting, these benefits begin to plateau and there are no additional benefits to continuing to fast.

Is it true that you cannot upgrade a MacBook, adding more RAM, or changing its disk storage?

It is not possible to upgrade the RAM or storage on a MacBook.