🔥👉 Where are good places in North London for ballroom/Latin dance practice sessions (not classes)?

"✅👉 The YMCA on Finchley Road and the North London Music Centre both offer ballroom and Latin dance practice sessions."

Wilford Huels
Wilford Huels

I’m a light skinned black girl and I love pale guys. Everyone acts like it’s weird. What’s wrong with liking pale guys?

There's nothing wrong with it!

How does recreational fishing, whether in salt, brackish, or fresh water help or hurt the local environment?

Recreational fishing, whether in salt, brackish, or fresh water can help the local environment by providing a source of food and income for locals. However, it can also hurt the environment if it is not managed properly. Overfishing can lead to declines in fish populations, which can in turn lead to impacts on the local ecosystem.

Can you still make millions and be successful while smoking weed?

Yes, it is possible to make millions and be successful while smoking weed.

Are full frame sensor cameras beginner friendly?

Most full frame sensor cameras are not beginner friendly. They are typically more expensive and have more features that can be overwhelming for a beginner.

When do I use best regards?

Best regards is a polite way to end a letter or email.

Does a matching white top and red plain trousers match?

No, a matching white top and red plain trousers would not match.

What is the shortcut key to apply the feather effect?

The shortcut key to apply the feather effect is F6.

Hi there, so I moved from North Am. to Europe recently and brought my PC too. After the boot up a spark came from the GPU area. A new PSU later, the PC is running ok, but the HDMI (GPU) and Vega (Motherb.) don't work. The USB (Motherb.) does. Help?

What are your thoughts on people who don't know how to parallel park?

There is a lot of debate on this topic. Some people believe that those who don't know how to parallel park are bad drivers. Others believe that it is not a big deal and that everyone has different skills. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide whether or not they want to learn how to parallel park.

Lipton is which country's product?

Lipton is a British brand of tea and other food and beverage products owned by the Unilever company.

What's the industrial norm for an outside consultant to charge for fund raising for a VC/PE, a private bank, or a hedge fund? Do they charge an upfront fee and a percentage fee on the asset raised?

Industry norms can vary depending on the type of firm you are consulting for, but typically an upfront fee is charged as well as a percentage of assets raised. For example, a common arrangement for a VC/PE fund raising consultant is to charge a 2% upfront fee and a 5% fee on assets raised.

If abortion is never (explicitly) mentioned in the (Christian) Bible, why is it usually a religious matter?

There are a few possible explanations for this. One is that pro-life advocates often frame the debate in terms of the sanctity of life, which is a religious concept. Additionally, the Catholic Church and other Christian denominations have taken official positions against abortion, which has likely contributed to the perception that it is a religious issue.

What's an experience that everyone raves about, but for you it just wasn't that great?

I think a lot of people really enjoy going to see musical theater, but I have never really enjoyed it. I find it really boring to watch people sing and dance on stage for two hours.

Our side sent the new merchant request on 1 November 2018 but didn't receive any information from your side. The merchant keeps asking for this case. Why is the merchant creation taking too long?

Plese be noted that there is no free D-U-N-S™ number for your side.

We understand that the merchant wants to know why their merchant account application has not been created yet and this includes a information request regarding the absence of a free D-U-N-S number.

This is being discussed with the relevant department and they are working on PROs that will result in faster and simplified account approvals. You will be advised as soon as changes come into effect.

When do the placements start at KIIT?

Formal placements at Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KIIT) usually commence from the 7th semester, i.e. in the month of November and continue till March.

However, students are offered internship opportunities from the 4th semester itself.

Do you really believe the rest of the people in the world (past, present, and future) that do not belong to your religion will all go to hell?


How do I clear cache partition on poco F1 without losing data.In recovery mode there is only wipe all data?

You can try to boot into Safe Mode and see if that will allow you to clear the cache partition without losing any data. If that doesn't work, then you may need to factory reset your device.

My ex narc discarded me for a young air stewardess. He called me names like old hag and said he deserve someone better. Broke up 4 months before and I still feel so devastated. How do I overcome this pain?

It can take a long time to heal from the pain of being discarded by a narcissist. In the meantime, you can try to distract yourself with other activities, reach out to friends and family for support, and see a therapist to help you work through your feelings.

Can I kill a coconut tree by pouring any chemical or herbicide in soil five feet away from its base?

There is no easy answer to this question as it depends on a number of factors, such as the type and concentration of the chemical or herbicide used, the type of coconut tree, the soil type, and weather conditions. It is possible that a chemical or herbicide could kill a coconut tree if it was applied directly to the tree or if it seeped into the soil and roots near the tree.

Why is the CRISPR patent battle a big deal?

The CRISPR patent battle is a big deal because it is a potentially game-changing technology that could be used to alter the genomes of plants, animals, and humans. The patents are owned by two competing groups, and the outcome of the battle could determine who controls the technology and how it is used.

What does “open box like new” mean on Amazon?

This means that the item is new and unused, but the box has been opened.

How would you control population?

There are a number of ways to control population. One way is to offer financial incentives for people to have fewer children. Another way is to make sure that everyone has access to contraception and education about family planning.

How do you answer "why did you give me birth" question from your children?

There is no single answer to this question, as the reason why parents have children can vary greatly. Some parents may choose to have children because they want to experience the joys of parenthood, while others may feel that it is their duty to carry on their family line. Whatever the reason, it is important to be honest with your children and explain to them why you decided to have them.

Why did the Japanese "Fifth Generation" project to reinvent computing based on parallel logic programming "fail"? And what can be learned from it? Are there results that might be useful to us now? (Eg. interesting operating systems to look at etc?)

The Fifth Generation project was an attempt by the Japanese government to create a new generation of computers that would be based on parallel logic programming. The project was started in 1982 and was intended to last for ten years. However, it was ultimately unsuccessful and was ended in 1992. There are a number of reasons why the project failed, including the fact that the technology needed to create such computers did not exist at the time and the project lacked sufficient funding. Additionally, the project was hampered by infighting among the various researchers involved. However, despite its failures, the Fifth Generation project did produce some results, including new operating systems and programming languages.

Can you share a beautiful garden pond?

I absolutely love this garden pond! The waterfall is so calming, and the koi fish are so beautiful.

What are some posts that deserve 2001k views?

Assuming you are referring to Reddit posts, some examples of posts that have reached over 2001k views are:

-A post about a unique way of cooking a steak
-A post featuring a collection of odd and interesting facts
-A post detailing a personal story about overcoming adversity
-A post with pictures of an adorable kitten

Is a constitutional amendment outside judicial review (art 368(4))? How did the Supreme Court let this happen?

There is no clear answer to this question. The Supreme Court has not definitively ruled on the matter, and there is significant debate among legal scholars as to whether or not a constitutional amendment is outside the scope of judicial review. It is possible that the Supreme Court would find a constitutional amendment to be outside of its purview if it determined that the amendment was a political question that should be decided by the legislative or executive branch, or if the amendment in question did not impact any constitutionally protected rights.

Has China ditched its own principles to back Russia?

Some Chinese commentators have said that China is sacrificing its principles by siding with Russia over Ukraine.

But China's official position is that it respects the "sovereignty and territorial integrity" of all countries - including Ukraine.

And China has repeatedly called for a peaceful resolution to the crisis.

So while it is broadly supportive of Russia, it has not gone as far as Moscow would like.

Will Donald Trump cutting raises for federal employees hurt the GOP in the 2018 mid term election?

Donald Trump's proposed cuts to federal employee raises could hurt the GOP in the 2018 midterm elections. Federal employees are a significant voting bloc in many key battleground states, and they could be motivated to vote against Republicans if they perceive that the party is not doing enough to protect their interests.

To what extent did the Soviet Union modify the tanks they received from the Lend/Lease program during World War 2?

The Soviet Union made various modifications to the tanks they received from the Lend/Lease program during World War 2. Some of these modifications were minor, such as changing the color of the paint, while others were more significant, such as adding armor plating or installing larger gun barrels.

What do you think of this tweet from Donald Trump: “Twitter should let the banned conservative voices back onto their platform, without restriction. It’s called freedom of speech, remember. You are making a giant mistake!”?

I think that it is a valid point that Trump is making. Social media platforms like Twitter should not be censoring anyone's voices, especially if they are conservative. Everyone should be allowed to freely express their opinions without fear of being banned or censored.

Do you believe that your dreams may signify warnings and messages in your real life?

It is possible that dreams may signify warnings and messages in your real life, but there is no definitive research to support this claim.

Since Bhima himself is an incarnation of Lord Hanuman in ‘Dwapara Yuga’, why did Hanuman appear again in the form of a flag in Arjuna’s chariot?

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Here I go: If you think rationally its not possible for Hanuman to be present in Arjun’s chariot in Mahabharata. All the avatars have their own time. Moreover Hanuman didnt fight in Mahabharata. He only became the flag of Arjun’s chariot and protected him from Gandharvas, Asuras, Rakshasas and Danavas on his way from Kailasa to Panchavati.

Matali asked Hanuman: "Oh son dear! What do you want?" "I want to be the Charioteer of my lord Sri Rama" , replied Hanuman and bowed his head with folded hands. Matali took Hanuman along with him & approached Suryadev (Sun God), who gave him a gift in the form of a garland & asked him to offer it to Sri Rama.

Apr 14, · Hanuman as charioteer of Arjuna and fighting? Discussion in ‘ Hinduism Darshan & Maha Puranic ‘ started by Sree_harihan, Jun 15, Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Sree_harihan Fraction of a second.

How many miles of passage remain to be discovered in Indiana caves?

The number of miles of passage that remain to be discovered in Indiana caves is unknown.

What is the link between eating disorders and genetics?

There is not a definitive answer to this question as research is still ongoing. Some studies suggest that there is a link between eating disorders and genetics, while other studies have found no clear evidence of such a link. It is possible that eating disorders may be influenced by a combination of genetic and environmental factors.

Has Klay Thompson had a disappointing season so far?

Yes, Klay Thompson has had a disappointing season so far.

What breeds of domestic cats were commonly employed by the U.S. Armed Forces as service cats?

In the past, a variety of domestic cat breeds were commonly employed by the U.S. Armed Forces as service cats. These breeds included the American Shorthair, the British Shorthair, the Exotic Shorthair, the Maine Coon, the Manx, the Persian, and theSiamese.

What happens if a relative of a correctional officer/warden enters the same facility? To be more specific, what would happen if the wardens/correction officer’s son was found to be in the same facilities?

There is no specific answer to this question as it would depend on the individual circumstances and the policies of the particular correctional facility. In general, however, it is likely that the relative would be treated like any other inmate and would be subject to the same rules and regulations as everyone else.

What would Thanos do if the Avengers had destroyed the Time Stone before he got it? Will he give up his plan? Why didn't Dr. Strange let Scarlet Witch destroy the Time Stone?

These are all good questions. I don't have any definitive answer, but here are some things to consider.

If the Avengers had destroyed the Time Stone before Thanos got it, he would likely be very angry. While he might give up his plan, it's also possible that he would simply find another way to achieve his goals.

Dr. Strange didn't let Scarlet Witch destroy the Time Stone because he saw that it was necessary for them to win the war against Thanos. While it's possible that things could have turned out differently if the Stone had been destroyed, it's also possible that they would have lost the war anyway.

What kind of plane has an extra cylinder or fuselage attached to 1 wing?

A biplane.

What are the best areas for a startup founder to stay in Bangalore?

Some of the best areas for a startup founder to stay in Bangalore include Koramangala, MG Road, Whitefield, and HSR Layout.

How does cyber insurance drive DevSecOps?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the relationship between cyber insurance and DevSecOps will vary depending on the specific circumstances and needs of each organization. However, some ways in which cyber insurance can drive DevSecOps include by providing financial protection against losses due to cyber attacks, encouraging organizations to implement stronger security measures to reduce their risk of attack, and by covering the costs of incident response in the event of an attack.

Does Congress have the power to turn a state into a territory?


Can governmental organizations lobby members of Congress?

No. Federal law prohibits governmental organizations from lobbying members of Congress.

What is meant by "blood on the brain"? I fell down half a flight of concrete steps on New Year's Day, hitting my head on several of them along the way. Doc ordered a CT scan for the above suspicion, and I don't quite understand why.

There are a couple different things that could be meant by "blood on the brain." One possibility is that there is an active bleed going on in the brain. This would show up on a CT scan as an area of increased density (where the blood is) surrounded by an area of decreased density (where the blood has pushed the brain tissue out of the way). Another possibility is that there is an old bleed that has since hardened and is now visible on the CT scan. This would appear as an area of very high density on the CT scan.

Do you think that you can go to heaven if you only wrong bad people?

No, I do not think that you can go to heaven if you only wrong bad people.

How often are you supposed to replace your pots and pans?

If you take good care of your pots and pans, you should only need to replace them every 5 to 10 years.

What does "c" indicate in a covid-19 lateral flow test? Is it the presence of the extraction liquid itself, or is it the presence of some human substance in the liquid?

In a covid-19 lateral flow test, "c" indicates the presence of some human substance in the liquid.

Are the Pine Barrens of New Jersey spooky?

As with any forest, the Pine Barrens of New Jersey can be spooky if you let your imagination run wild.

Is Bitcoin destined to inevitably evolve towards a fractional reserve system?

There is no time limit on when a fractional reserve system could be implemented with Bitcoin, but it is not an inevitability. Fractional reserve systems require trust in a central authority, which is something that Bitcoin was designed to avoid.

What do people think about this documentary showing religious leaders in Pakistan are supporting Osama Bid Laden?

Some people might think that the religious leaders in Pakistan are stupid for supporting Osama bin Laden, while others might see it as a sign of strength in their convictions.

How does religious belief provide comfort, especially to those who have never had such an experience before?

There is no one answer to this question since people can find comfort in religious belief for different reasons. Some may find comfort in the idea of a higher power or in the sense of community that comes with belonging to a religion. Others may find comfort in the ritualistic aspects of their religion or in the sense of purpose and meaning that it provides.

Why does Universe Sandbox automatically set the energy generated by detonating the planet to the energy needed to allow the celestial body to reach 90% of its escape velocity instead of data like gravitational binding energy?

I don't know the answer to your question, but I can tell you that the energy generated by a nuclear explosion is typically on the order of millions or billions of volts. The escape velocity of a planet is typically on the order of kilometers per second. Thus, the energy needed to allow a planet to reach 90% of its escape velocity is typically on the order of trillions of joules.

How do I convince her to marry me? (Kindly see details)

Unfortunately, there is no certain answer to this question. Every person is different and responds to different things. It is important to consider what your girlfriend values most in a relationship and try to appeal to those things. Be honest with her about your feelings and try to make a strong case for why you believe getting married would be the best thing for both of you. Ultimately, though, it will come down to her decision and whether or not she feels ready to take that step.

Who likes to cover music?

Most people who enjoy music like to cover songs by their favorite artists. Some people also enjoy creating their own covers of popular songs.

How can someone know if he's being attacked by evil spirits?

There isn't a definitive answer to this question, as everyone experiences evil spirits differently. However, some common signs that someone is being attacked by evil spirits include feeling oppressed, feeling fear or terror, experiencing strange noises or voices, and sensing a presence in the room.

What have you not gotten to yet?

I haven't gotten to the gym yet.

What is it like to be excluded just because of your caste although you deserve to be included?

It is difficult to say what it is like to be excluded just because of your caste as it is likely to vary considerably depending on the particular context and situation. However, some possible consequences of such exclusion could include feeling isolated, inferior, and invisible within society. Additionally, those who are excluded from opportunities or resources may struggle to improve their socio-economic status and essential needs, further entrenching them in a cycle of poverty and disadvantage.

Who shapes society?

There is no simple answer to this question as society is shaped by a variety of factors. In general, however, it could be said that society is shaped by the interactions between individuals, groups, institutions, and the physical environment.

Can wireless technology replace power lines as an effective method of energy distribution?

No, wireless technology cannot replace power lines as an effective method of energy distribution.

Are political parties like the Samajwadi Party and many such parties which talk about socialism the most corrupt parties?

There is no simple answer to this question. Some political parties that talk about socialism may be corrupt, while others may not be. However, it is important to note thatitism and bureaucratic corruption are endemic problems in India, and that all political parties are likely to be affected by these issues to some degree.

Why do recruiting research and academic staff advertise when they do not want us?

There are a few reasons why academic staff might advertise for positions even when they do not want to hire anyone. They may be trying to raise the profile of their department or program, hoping to attract more interest and funding. Additionally, they may be required to advertise any open positions in order to comply with equal opportunity hiring laws.

Do women/girls like to be chased?

There is no definitive answer to this question since everyone is different. Some women may enjoy being chased by a potential partner while others may find it overwhelming or even creepy. Ultimately, it is up to the individual woman to decide what she enjoys and feels comfortable with.

Which sales book should I read first?

The first sales book that you should read is "The Sales Bible" by Jeffrey Gitomer. This book will give you a foundation in sales principles and techniques.

Is I envisioned the same as I wanted? Is I envisioned similar to I presumed?

I don’t even know if it will be possible to finale this post?


Does Hotel Empire serve shawarma for lunch?

Yes, the hotel's restaurant serves shawarma for lunch.

'"Federal Election Commissioner Ellen Weintraub says Facebook's "weak plan suggests the company has no idea how seriously it is hurting democracy."' Should Facebook "police" election advertising?

#ademption #democracyhttps://t.co/2cEPgW6bwj pic.twitter.com/ARozM9oKWF — ThanosREEEEEEEEEEErrr (@Thanos_xxd) December 29, 2018

DECEMBER 28 - The Hill: "President Trump's lawyers allegedly advised him against sitting down with special counsel Robert Mueller for a formal interview during the investigation into alleged collusion between Russia and Trump's campaign, The New York Times reported."


Trump lawyers didnt want him to be interviewed by Mueller because they feared he would lie, per NYT 😳https://t.co/soLSWowhG7 via @CarolineGlick — Mohamad Safa (@mhdksafa) December 28, 2018

Can I convert a commercial property (space in IT/ITES building) in India into residential?

Yes, but there are many legalities involved in doing so and the entire process can take some time to complete. It is advisable to consult with a qualified lawyer to ensure that all of the necessary steps are taken.

Are employees and contractors taxed differently?

Employees are taxed differently from contractors in a number of ways. For example, employees have taxes withheld from their paychecks by their employer, while contractors are responsible for paying their own taxes. Additionally, employees may be eligible for certain tax credits and deductions that contractors are not, such as the Earned Income Tax Credit.

Would Christians be able to identify the last days as Jesus commanded without teaching the apostles the Olivet Discourse?

There is no explicit answer to this question in the biblical text. However, it seems unlikely that Christians would be able to identify the last days without teaching the apostles the Olivet Discourse. The Discourse provides a detailed description of the events that will take place during the last days, and without this knowledge it would be difficult for Christians to know what to look for.

Why hasn't funding been increased to pay and staff public defender law firms or law offices?

There is no one answer to this question. Possible reasons include a lack of political will or priorities, limited resources, and a lack of consensus on how to best provide public defender services. In some cases, public defender offices are not adequately funded because states have not allocated enough money to the criminal justice system overall.

What is your reaction on Supreme Court judges comments on Nupur Sharma as they declare her responsible of communal killing in Udaipur?

There is no reaction from the Supreme Court judges on Nupur Sharma as they declare her responsible of communal killing in Udaipur.

Why do cable companies favor new customers over loyal long time customers?

Cable companies favor new customers over loyal long time customers for a variety of reasons. New customers are seen as more valuable because they haven't been "taught" all of the insider ways to get around paying full price, they haven't had the chance to fully utilize their customer service options and they are generally less price sensitive than long-time customers. In addition, new customers bring in fresh revenue that can be used to offset the costs of servicing existing customers.

What would happen if Donald Trump were to tweet out the words, “I resign”?

Donald Trump would no longer be President of the United States.

Could the dragons sense that Jon was a Targaryen?

It's possible that the dragons sensed that Jon was a Targaryen, but it's also possible that they just liked him because he was kind to them.

How many parts per million of sodium are there?

There are 1,000 parts per million of sodium.

If a human being were to be transported to the age of dinosaurs, what would her life expectancy be?

The life expectancy of a human being transported to the age of dinosaurs would be very short. Most likely, she would be eaten by a dinosaur within a few minutes or hours.

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