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What is the additional role of the setter?

The setter is the player who is responsible for getting the ball from the libero to the hitters. The setter also has the responsibility of running the offense and making sure that the hitters are in the correct position.

Why shouldn’t we feed city pigeons?

There are a few reasons not to feed pigeons:

1. Pigeons can carry disease.

2. Pigeons can attract other pests, like rats.

3. Pigeons can poop on your car or house.

4. Pigeons can become aggressive if they feel threatened.

Will the 2022-2023 batch will have no stream policy in class 11?

There is no stream policy in Class 11.

What do I do ? In the case of being blackmailed by "friend" now obviously a scamner, posting a private video unless I pay 1300USD? Yes I was stupid and naive and fell for a passionate night after being lonely but wasnt aware I was being recorded.

If you have been blackmailed by someone claiming to be a friend, and they are requesting money in exchange for not posting a private video, you should reach out to law enforcement immediately. This is a serious matter and you should not attempt to handle it on your own.

How are organs formed in our body?

Organs form in our body by the combination of different types of cells that work cooperatively.

What data suggests governments do protect citizens' rights?

The data suggests that governments do protect citizens' rights by providing services that improve their quality of life. The data also suggests that governments do protect citizens' rights by ensuring that their rights are not violated.

As a feminine girl who naturally wants to take on more of the "boyfriend" role- preferring shorter guys, being protective, showering with gifts, hugging from behind- what should I do?

This is a difficult question to answer, as it largely depends on the individual girl's preferences. Some girls might want to take on more of the "boyfriend" role in a relationship, while others might prefer to stick to traditional gender roles. Ultimately, it is up to the girl to decide what she wants in a relationship and what role she would like to take on. If she is interested in taking on more of the "boyfriend" role, she should communicate this to her partner and work together to figure out what that would look like in their relationship.

Is there a kind of job/profession that helps/can assist a researcher in writing a research paper if the researcher is struggling with putting his research on paper?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to get help writing a research paper may vary depending on the researcher's specific needs and situation. However, some ways to get help writing a research paper may include hiring a professional editor or tutor, attending a writing workshop, or enlisting the help of a friend or family member.

What is the height of the bronze statue of Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Issyk-Kul region of Kyrgyzstan?

7 feet tall

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Which movie do you think remains a cult classic forever? Why?

I think that cult classics are defined by their fans, so it's hard to say which movie will remain a cult classic forever. However, I think that The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a movie that has a very strong and loyal cult following, and I think it will continue to be popular for many years to come.

Is it shocking in the police world that the Uvalde Texas Police Chief was fired when police (especially the Chiefs) have been protected from being held accountable for the consequence of their action?

That depends on who you ask. For some people, it is shocking that the Uvalde police chief was fired given the amount of protection that police officers typically receive. For others, it is not so surprising given the recent focus on police accountability.

Why is Quora all about atheists vs. believers now? Could we just focus our pursue of knowledge to further areas of discussions?

There is no one answer to this question. It could be that people are interested in debating with those who have different worldviews, or that the atheists vs. believers debate is a hot topic on Quora at the moment. Whatever the reason, it would be nice if people could focus on other areas of discussion as well.

In digital audio, is there ever any reason, creative or otherwise, in which you should let a track exceed 0 dB?

There is no technical reason to avoid having peaks above 0 dB, but some mixers/masters will find that it sounds better to gently compress the signal so that the loudest peaks are below 0 dB.

How is it that Candice Owens is famous when, at least in my opinion, none of her arguments stand up to even the most basic of logical scrutiny?

There is no one answer to this question. Candice Owens may be famous because she is a skilled rhetoric and has a large platform to reach people. She may also be famous because she appeals to people who are looking for someone to confirm their existing beliefs.

She promised me she'll talk to me with an open and honest mind and take my position into consideration if I meet her?

It's not exactly a promise, but it sounds like she's willing to listen to you and consider your point of view.

Have you ever gone to the Mall only to see what was going to be in thrift stores next year?

I cannot say that I have ever gone to the mall with the intention of seeing what would be in thrift stores next year. However, I have occasionally found myself browsing thrift stores while at the mall and ended up finding some great items!

How can I prevent people passing usernames and passwords to others, those who are not registered with the online service?

There is no single silver bullet for this problem, but a combination of technical, policy, and educational measures can be effective. Technical measures might include requiring strong passwords, rate-limiting login attempts, and using two-factor authentication. Policy measures might include requiring users to sign a pledge not to share their credentials, and educational measures might include training users on password best practices and the risks of credential sharing.

Why does it seem like as society changes, the rule of the majority becomes much more prevalent than it ever was in earlier societies?

It is difficult to say definitively why this is the case, but there are a few possible explanations. First, as societies become more complex, there are generally more people with different interests and opinions. This can make it harder for any one group to dominate. Second, as societies become more democratic, people have more opportunity to voice their views and have a say in decision-making. This makes it less likely that the majority will be able to steamroll over minorities. Finally, as social media and other forms of communication become more prevalent, it is easier for people to connect with others who share their views. This can make it seem like the majority opinion is more prevalent than it actually is.

Why is it showing a server error each time I update my PAN and my Aadhaar card?

There could be a number of reasons why you are seeing a server error each time you update your PAN and Aadhaar card. It is possible that the site you are using is not compatible with your browser or that your internet connection is not stable. Additionally, the server may be experiencing high traffic levels or experiencing some technical difficulties. If you continue to see a server error, contact the customer support team for the site you are using to update your PAN and Aadhaar information.

Is Quora having less questions asked than before?

There is no clear answer to this question. Quora's public statistics do not include information on the number of questions asked, so it is not possible to say for certain whether the platform is seeing fewer questions asked than in the past. However, some users have reported that they believe there are fewer questions being asked on Quora than there used to be. It is possible that this is due to a variety of factors, including the increased popularity of other Q&A platforms such as Reddit, or changes in the way that users are interacting with Quora.

Are some questions on Quora computer-generated?

There is no clear evidence that any questions on Quora are computer-generated. However, it is possible that some of the questions are automatically generated by algorithms, although it is not clear how many or which ones.

Will I be accepted for full-time student finance even though I did online university for a month but dropped out because of a death in the family?

I'm sorry to hear about your family member. I hope everything is okay now. As for your question, I would contact your school's financial aid office and ask them. They would be able to give you a more accurate answer since they know your specific situation.

When will the HTC Desire 816 get the Sense 7 update?

HTC has not released an official date for the Sense 7 update for the Desire 816. However, based on HTC's past release patterns, it is likely that the update will be available sometime in the second or third quarter of 2015.

How does the Chinese education system impact young people's opportunities across China?

The Chinese education system has a large impact on young people's opportunities across China. The education system is highly centralized and selective, and it often favors students from urban areas and from wealthier families. This can create significant disadvantages for rural students and for students from less well-off families. In addition, the education system often does not provide adequate opportunities for students to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. As a result, many young people across China do not have the skills they need to compete in the global economy.

What is the best gig someone can create as a beginner on Fiverr? Which category sells faster?

The best gig someone can create on Fiverr as a beginner is a gig that provides a service in a popular category. The category that sells the fastest on Fiverr is the “gigs” category.

Why don’t all MLB stadiums have retractable roofs?

The two main reasons why all MLB stadiums do not have retractable roofs are cost and weight. Retractable roofs can be very expensive to install, and they also add a lot of weight to the structure of a stadium.

Did Imagination Technologies dupe its investors by not revealing that Apple was cutting back on its IP purchases in 2015?

It is unclear if Imagination Technologies misled its investors. The company announced in April 2015 that Apple was reducing its IP purchase from the company, but did not disclose the extent of the reduction. This led to a drop in Imagination Technologies' share price, which may have been avoidable if investors had been told about the full extent of the reduction.

If you rode a roller coaster enough times, would your body ever get used to the sensations (falling, banking, dizziness)?

I don't think so.

Is discomfort and struggle part of process when a person is trying to achieve something?

discomfort and struggle are inevitable when one is trying to achieve something great.

Why do African-Americans have higher percentages of jailed inmates and arrested citizens than whites even though they have a lower population?

This is a difficult question to answer definitively because there are many possible contributing factors. Some possible explanations include: higher rates of poverty and unemployment among African Americans, which may lead to more crime; disparities in the education and opportunity available to African Americans, which may make it harder for them to find legitimate jobs; racial discrimination in the criminal justice system, both in terms of who is targeted for police attention and who is given harsher punishments for similar crimes; and a history of violence and oppression against African Americans, which may make some people more likely to turn to crime.

Why are people reluctant to accept reality in the face of so many concurrent weather catastrophes at the same time?

People may be reluctant to accept reality in the face of so many concurrent weather catastrophes at the same time for a variety of reasons. Some people may deny that the weather is changing because they do not want to believe that human activity is causing it. Others may be in denial because they do not want to face the potential consequences of climate change, such as disruptions to their way of life. Additionally, some people may feel that they are powerless to do anything about climate change, so they may see no point in worrying about it.

Have you dated someone with a mental illness, who is nice, then nasty, then nice? Did they act like they hadn’t been nasty and did nothing wrong? Did they lie but call you a liar, but then say I forgive you, but then don’t and over it goes?

Did you call them out on their bullshit and then they try to make you out to be the crazy one? Did they make you feel guilty and like shit, while making themselves look good? Did they then say they want to work it out with you by going to therapy? Did they commit to it and then bail? Have they done this over and over again in relationships before, because they lack empathy? Do you feel second best all the time, because of how much nicer other people are with them? Would you date someone like this again, if given the chance, why or why not?

How do I accept that I still pine over my ex, but they don't care or think about me?

This is a difficult question to answer. Some people may never get over their ex, even if they are the ones who ended the relationship. If you have tried everything to move on and you still can't, then you may need to seek professional help to deal with your feelings.

Will the government's efforts to make Air India leaner and fitter attract buyers?

Till we get a clarity on the restructuring and privatisation plan, it would be difficult to find buyers. The situation is further compounded as the government has not appointed an asset valuation agency yet. So, the picture is still unclear.

Where do alternate jurors go while the jurors deliberate?

Alternate jurors wait in a separate room from the main jury. They are free to go home at the end of each day, but must return when deliberations resume.

Why do piles happen and what is the best medicine for it?

There are many causes of piles, including pregnancy, obesity, straining during bowel movements, and sitting for long periods of time on the toilet. The best medicine for piles depends on the cause. If the cause is pregnancy or obesity, then weight loss may be the best treatment. If the cause is straining during bowel movements, then fiber supplements may be recommended. If the cause is sitting for long periods of time on the toilet, then stool softeners may be recommended.

How do I save the Django ModelForm ForeignKey type field in the PostgreSQL database?

When you save a ModelForm with a ForeignKey field, Django automatically saves the object that is referenced by the ForeignKey. If you want to save the ForeignKey field itself, you need to use the ModelForm's save_as_foreignkey() method:

form.save_as_foreignkey(field_name, obj)

Does the Cloud Kitchen model really work for homemaker wives?

The jury is still out on whether or not the Cloud Kitchen model really works for homemaker wives. While some have found success with this business model, others have not. It is important to do your research and speak with other homemaker wives who have started their own Cloud Kitchens before you make a decision.

How do I tell the personal trainer at my gym that I have a crush on her?

There is no one definitive answer to this question. However, some possible tips include expressing your interest in a direct but respectful way, being aware of and responsive to her professional boundaries, and making sure to communicate your interest in a way that is comfortable for both of you.

Why did you quit partying?

It was no longer fun.

Why doesn't the USA just stop its practice of keeping military bases in so many foreign countries?

The USA has military bases in foreign countries to protect its interests there. The USA also uses these bases to project military power and to deter potential aggressors.

Many experts say the real consumption push must come from the rural sector. Do you agree? What can the government do in this respect?

I agree partly. In our household and rural development programmes, we’re trying to develop a model of households with productive assets such as agriculture, and also a little bit of small trade. Those are the approaches we have so far. The government has been talking to state governments and asked them to focus on “rurban" means rural-urban — or maximise opportunities in rural India to develop a lot of off-farm activities like light manufacturing and repair services. We have also launched four initiatives that I think will indirectly lead to demand generation rather than directly incentivise consumers: Mudra Yojana (loans), Jan Dhan Yojana (financial inclusion), Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and Beti Bachao Beti Padhao (girl child promotion).

There are other steps being looked into; for example, junking archaic laws that make certain basic daily needs such as soap more expensive, such as the Essential Commodities Act. All these things will encourage consumers to take more money out of their mattress — or it will automatically come out of their closing balance at end of month because they will be sitting on so much more cash. That’s why I think metal consumption is going to go up even before the impact of Mudra Yojana; younger people are really benefitting from having access to credit through Jan Dhan banks. You may start spending ₹5,000 a month now, But you’ll spend ₹5 lakh or even ₹3 crore like Warren Buffet eventually. It all starts with access to credit. Follow us on Twitter @HTBrunch

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What is the method to drive stick shift car uphill from a hill stop using footbrake -clutch-accelerator method?

To drive a stick shift car uphill from a hill stop using the footbrake-clutch-accelerator method, the driver would depress the clutch pedal, release the footbrake, and slowly apply pressure to the accelerator pedal while slowly releasing the clutch pedal. The car would begin to move forward as the clutch engages.

Can SSG Vegeta beat base Kefla?

Both characters are extremely powerful, but it is unlikely that SSG Vegeta could defeat base Kefla in a fight. Kefla has access to all of Goku's power and is able to transform into a Super Saiyan 2, which gives her a significant advantage.

If my friend buys a Rolex should I buy an iPhone to show him that I’m more rich?

No, you should not buy an iPhone to show your friend that you are more rich.

Is the ocean project legit?

There is no definitive answer, as "legit" can be subjective. However, many people consider the ocean project to be a valuable and legitimate resource.

Why, in 2022, is the Biden administration selling US strategic petroleum reserves to China?

The US is selling its strategic petroleum reserves to China in 2022 in order to reduce its trade deficit with the country.

There are approximately 2.7 million deaths per year in country A. How do I express this quantity as deaths per minute?

There are approximately 45,000 deaths per minute in country A.

Can an adult use a junior golf set?

It is not recommended for an adult to use a junior golf set because the clubs are designed for children. The clubs are shorter and have less loft, which could affect an adult's game.

What wallet brand/type do wealthy people own?

There is no one wallet brand or type that wealthy people own. Different people have different preferences, and what works for one person may not work for another. Some people prefer simple, basic wallets while others prefer more feature-rich options. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference.

Why is it said that everyone should learn how to code, regardless of age and occupation?

Learning to code is becoming increasingly important for many reasons. Coding is a necessary skill for many jobs, and it is a great way to exercise your brain. In addition, coding can be used to create things that are helpful to society, like apps and websites.

What are some ways to relieve a bloated stomach without medication?

There are many ways to relieve bloating without taking medication. Some tips include eating smaller meals, avoiding gas-producing foods, exercising regularly, and drinking plenty of fluids. If these measures do not improve the situation, over-the-counter medications may be necessary.

What are some of the best ways to get from within Park Ridge, NJ to its nearest major airport?

The best ways to get from Park Ridge, NJ to its nearest major airport are by car or taxi.

What do you think members of the British Royal Family do in their spare time? Do you think they play games on their phones or look at Instagram?

Some members of the British Royal Family do play games on their phones and look at Instagram, but they also have a lot of other hobbies and interests. For example, Prince William enjoys playing football (soccer), while Kate Middleton is an avid tennis fan. Other members of the Royal Family are known for their love of horse riding, hunting, and fishing.

Does slow practice on the piano really help that much?

There is no definitive answer, but some experts believe that slow practice can be helpful in developing muscle memory and improving technique.

Since weight training is taxing on the nervous system, what training should one choose if one has a hectic mental energy-draining day ahead, strength training (heavy weights and fewer reps) or endurance training (low weights and more reps)?

In general, it is better to choose endurance training if one has a hectic, mental energy-draining day ahead. This is because strength training is more taxing on the nervous system, and therefore may make it more difficult to focus and concentrate during the day.

How does conservative economic populism work?

There is no one answer to this question as conservative economic populism can take many different forms, depending on the particular country and political context. Generally, however, conservative economic populism tends to advocate for lower taxes, deregulation, and other free market policies that are intended to benefit working class people. This type of populism often blames immigrants and other minority groups for economic problems, and it can sometimes lead to xenophobic and nationalist sentiment.

What other words than “amen, ameno, etc.” have the same meaning? Maybe old cultures used to use it for prayer.

Other words that have a similar meaning to "amen" include "so be it," "verily," and "truly."

Emma has an orchard of 10 acres. Inside the orchard are 400 apple trees and 200 orange trees. How many apples grow on an Apple tree?

Each apple tree produces, on average, about 40 bushels of apples per year.

Why does anime seem to so rarely have humans fighting humans?

Humans fighting humans is not a very common plot in anime. There are many reasons why this may be the case. One reason may be that it is not as exciting to watch humans fight each other as it is to watch humans fight monsters or otherworldly creatures. Another reason may be that it is more difficult to create believable human characters than it is to create believable monsters or otherworldly creatures. Whatever the reason, human vs. human conflicts are not as common in anime as other types of conflicts.

What is a secret thing you and your partner do in public that defines/portrays your love for each other?

My partner and I share a lot of quick, secret glances and grins with each other when we're out in public. It's our little way of saying "I love you" without having to say anything out loud.

How can Uber and Lyft drivers thank their passengers when they receive tips from them?

There is no universal way that Uber and Lyft drivers thank their passengers when they receive tips from them, but some common methods include verbally expressing gratitude, sending a thank-you note, or adding a special gesture such as a gift.

Will I go to hell for reading a rude post (link to context included)?

There is no hell, so you can't go there for reading a rude post.

Why are the new leaves on a fir tree less green than the old ones?

There are many possible explanations. One possibility is that the new leaves are in the process of photosynthesis and have not yet had a chance to produce enough chlorophyll to appear green. Another possibility is that the old leaves are more exposed to sunlight, which causes them to appear more green.

Can an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050Ti handle most AAA titles at 60 FPS?

The GTX 1050Ti can handle most AAA titles at 60 FPS.

Is it necessary to have a stable life?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Some people feel they need a stable life in order to feel fulfilled, while others are more comfortable with change and uncertainty. Ultimately, the level of stability you need in your life is up to you.

What's the best way to work a crock out of the neck very gently by yourself?

If the crock is small, try holding the neck in one hand and using the other hand to twist the crock back and forth until it comes out. If the crock is bigger, try using both hands to twist the crock back and forth.

What is the best-secured casino games provider?

There is no definitive answer to this question as different players have different preferences. Some popular casino games providers that offer a high level of security include Microgaming, Playtech, and Evolution Gaming.

What is the best way to do mix questions of maths for the SSC CGL?

There is no one definitive answer to this question. Some people recommend studying from a variety of sources, while others suggest focusing on a single resource. Ultimately, the best way to prepare for the SSC CGL maths exam is to practice as many questions as possible.

I am in love with my cousin (female). What should I do?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best course of action may vary depending on the specific situation. If you are sure that your feelings are genuine and reciprocated, you may wish to talk to your parents or other relatives about your relationship to see if they have any objections. If they do not, you may then want to pursue a more serious relationship with your cousin. However, if your feelings are not reciprocated or if your parents object to the relationship, it would be best to respect their wishes and refrain from pursuing a romantic relationship with your cousin.

What are the key parts and their jobs of unit control for solar powered AC water pump?

Unit control is the brain of the solar powered AC water pump. It is responsible for the following functions:

1. converting DC power from the solar panel into AC power to run the pump
2. regulating the flow of water through the pump
3. monitoring the input power from the solar panel and battery, and the output power to the pump
4. controlling the speed of the pump to ensure optimal water flow
5. stopping and starting the pump as needed

What are the ways to access company mails in secure Offshore Development Centers?

There are several ways to access company mails in secure Offshore Development Centers. One way is to use a dedicated server that is only used for accessing company mails. This server can be located in the Offshore Development Center or it can be a separate server that is used only for this purpose.

Another way to access company mails in secure Offshore Development Centers is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service. This service encrypts all traffic between your computer and the VPN server. This means that even if someone was able to intercept the traffic, they would not be able to read it.

Finally, another way to access company mails in secure Offshore Development Centers is to use a web-based email service. These services use SSL encryption to protect your data.

What are the different types of match cuts?

There are two types of match cuts: literal and metaphorical. Literal match cuts are ones where the action in the two shots is very similar, such as two people clinking glasses or two people kissing. Metaphorical match cuts are ones where the connection between the two shots is more abstract, such as two people standing on a cliff looking out to the horizon.

What is the difference in pounds between guitar string gauges?

There is a difference of about 0.007 inches, or 0.2 mm, between guitar string gauges. This translates to a difference of about 2.8 pounds, or 1.3 kg.

Can babies eat pizza at 9 months?

Most babies can start eating solids around 6 months old, but pizza is usually not on the menu until closer to 8 or 9 months. If your baby is already eating some solid foods, like cereal, fruits, and vegetables, then they may be ready to try pizza.

What is the legal way to fix a meeting with a government official during public meeting hours (he is deliberately avoiding the meeting)?

The legal way to fix a meeting with a government official during public meeting hours is to make an appointment.

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