🔥👉 What is your personal assessment of the Immortal Hulk vs. the Justice League?

"✅👉 Well, I don't think there's any clear winner. The Immortal Hulk is extremely powerful and has a lot of anger, while the Justice League is a team of very powerful beings who work together well. So, it's really hard to say who would come out on top in a fight between them."

Myron Rempel
Myron Rempel

When NASA launches their rockets, how do they know if the rocket already crossed the Karman line?

NASA does not official designate the Karman line as a specific altitude.

Why does the Indian media do such a poor level of journalism?

One of the reasons the Indian media does such a poor level of journalism is because there is a lack of investment in investigative journalism. In addition, there is a high degree of political interference in the media, which results in self-censorship. Additionally, journalists often lack the requisite skills and resources to do their jobs effectively.

What is the passive voice of "We sell tickets for all shows at the box office"?

Tickets for all shows at the box office are sold by us.

How important is weather data to agricultural commodities traders?

Weather data is important to agricultural commodities traders because it can have a significant impact on crop yields. For example, a drought can lead to lower than expected yields, while excessive rain can lead to higher than expected yields. Weather data can also impact prices of agricultural commodities. For example, if a drought is forecasted, prices for corn may increase as demand for the commodity increases.

Is the water inside of a tomato bacteria-free? If the water used to irrigate a tomato plant had bacteria in it, wouldn’t the fruit itself have bacteria inside of it because it had absorbed the water?

The water inside a tomato is not bacteria-free.

Is it fair to Cori Bush constituents that she wants to defund the police, while she's currently spending thousands on personal security?

It is not clear what Cori Bush's views are on policing, but it is clear that she is spending thousands of dollars on personal security. This may be an unfair use of resources, but it is not clear if her constituents would be harmed by this decision.

What image do you have of Pakistan, after reading Kite Runner?

The image I have of Pakistan after reading Kite Runner is that it is a country with a lot of poverty and crime. There is also a lot of political unrest in the country.

What should I do if the police in Delhi doesn't respond to my hit and run complaint?

There is no clear answer, but you may want to consider filing a complaint with the local police station.

Do you think that Goldberg and Undertaker's match would have gone better had Goldberg not taken himself out early on? And would any of you watch a rematch?

Honestly, it`s hard to say. Both are legends in their own right. If anything, I think it would have been better had they not taken themselves out so early. As for a rematch, I`m not sure. I think it would depend on the fans.

Where can I find an IRCC approved doctor who can confirm on my medical exam for Canada Immigration (Express Entry for skilled workers program)?

You can find an approved doctor through the panel physician program.

Why don't workers co-operatives tend to be as successful as private entrepreneurial businesses?

There are several reasons that workers' cooperatives may not be as successful as private entrepreneurial businesses.

One reason is that workers' cooperatives may not have the same level of capital investment as private businesses. This means that they may not have the latest and best equipment, which can make it difficult to compete.

Another reason is that workers' cooperatives may not have the same level of management expertise as private businesses. This can make it difficult to make decisions about how to run the business, and can lead to conflict among members.

Finally, workers' cooperatives may be less able to attract and retain talented employees than private businesses. This is because private businesses can offer employees greater rewards, such as higher salaries and bonuses.

Are agitations against the Citizenship Amendment Bill only by a categorised group of people?

No, the agitations against the Citizenship Amendment Bill are not only by a categorised group of people. People from all walks of life have come out to protest against the bill.

How do I make Ilocos Empanada dough?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the dough for Ilocos empanadas may vary depending on the region or province where they are made. However, some common ingredients for the dough include flour, water, salt, and baking powder.

Which famous person should have quit while they were ahead?

This is a difficult question. There are many people who have had successful careers and then fizzled out. It is hard to say who should have quit while they were ahead.

What is a food or flavor combination that you like but is considered repulsive by the community in which you live?

Peanut butter and jelly is a classic American combo that most people love, but some folks find the combination to be gross.

What's the best strategy to eventually become US Secretary of State?

Get a degree in international relations, get a job in the government or at the United Nations, and work your way up.

I often feel that someone's watching me when there is no one in my room, what do you think?

There could be a number of explanations for this feeling. It could be a result of anxiety or paranoia, or it could be a sign that someone is actually watching you. If you have a reasonable explanation for why you might feel this way, then it is likely nothing to worry about. However, if you cannot think of a reason why you might feel this way and the feeling persists, it could be worth talking to a doctor or mental health professional to see if there is an underlying cause.

Why is love so simply yet complicated?

Love is complicating because it is an emotion that is difficult to understand and control. Love is simple because it only requires two people who care for each other.

Is Brazil part of Latin America? I feel like they are excluded because they don't speak Spanish.

There is no definitive answer, but most people generally include Brazil as part of Latin America.

Could counter-flooding have kept Titanic afloat long enough for the Carpathia to get to her?

It might have kept her afloat a little longer, but not long enough for the Carpathia to get to her.

What are some effective methods to reduce my eye number?

Drinking more water, sleeping more, and washing your face twice a day are all effective methods to reduce your eye number.

Is timber seasoned during the wet season used in the dry season? Why?

Seasoned timber is not used in the dry season because it is more likely to warp and crack.

What are the odds that Trump goes to jail before 2024?

There are no odds on something like this because it is impossible to predict.

For a temple-married Mormon husband, after the death of his wife, are all subsequent marriages in a Mormon temple for "time and all eternity" and therefore, a candidate for polygamy in Heaven? Or are some just “for time only”?

Our temple marriage was done by proxy since my wife was too ill, and I've since remarried in the temple.

There is no such thing as a "temple marriage for time only." All temple marriages are considered to be "sealed" for both time and eternity. This means that, according to Mormon beliefs, the couple will be together not only in this life but also in the afterlife. Therefore, if a Mormon husband were to remarry after his first wife's death, his new wife would also be a candidate for polygamy in the afterlife.

If a coin is tossed by a robot with exact same conditions, will it produce same result all the time?

No, there is always a chance for random variation.

Are there Christian Atheists that believe in the teachings of Christ but not that they were divinely inspired and they see Jesus as a humanitarian and philosopher rather than the "son of God"?

Yes, there are some Christian atheists who believe in the teachings of Christ but not that they were divinely inspired. They may see Jesus as a humanitarian and philosopher rather than the "son of God."

Why have I been consistently getting sick in the past month?

There are many possible reasons you may have been consistently getting sick in the past month. Some possible explanations include:

-You may have a weakened immune system due to a recent illness or medical condition.

-You may be stress, which can weaken the immune system.

-You may be exposed to more germs and viruses than usual (e.g., if you are around sick people often or if you travel frequently).

-You may be not getting enough sleep, which can also weaken the immune system.

If you are concerned about why you have been consistently getting sick, it is best to consult with your doctor to determine the cause.

Is it better to confront or to cut someone off?

It depends on the situation. If someone has done something to hurt you, it may be better to confront them so that you can express your feelings and resolve the issue. However, if someone is consistently negative or toxic, it may be better to cut them off.

What is your review of Hitachi Data Systems?

Mostly good. They have good products and services. But their customer support could be better.

My girlfriend and I want to stay under a single roof in Bangalore. Are there any legal implications?

Bangalore city does not have any legal implications for unmarried couples.

Why is eating non-vegetarian food a sin and eating vegetarian food divine?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on individual beliefs. Some people may believe that eating non-vegetarian food is a sin because it involves taking the life of an animal, while others may believe that vegetarianism is divine because it is a more peaceful way of living.

Even though the millions and billions of years before Earth finally succumbs to its natural ultimate fate is full of uncertainties, why is it highly certain that humans will be long gone by then?

There are numerous reasons why it is highly certain that humans will be long gone by the time Earth finally succumbs to its natural ultimate fate. First, it is important to note that the vast majority of scientists believe that the universe is billions of years old, and that Earth is only a tiny fraction of that age. Second, even if the universe were only a few thousand years old, it is extremely unlikely that humans would have existed for even a small fraction of that time. Third, there is no reason to believe that humans will somehow be immune to the same forces of nature that have led to the extinction of other species on Earth. Finally, it is important to remember that humans are not the only intelligent species on Earth, and there are many other intelligent species that are far more likely to outlast humans.

Can Eden Hazard win the Ballon d'Or next season?

It is possible for Eden Hazard to win the Ballon d'Or next season, but it is not guaranteed. There are a number of factors that would need to go in his favor, including continuing to perform at a high level for Chelsea and helping them win trophies. Additionally, he would likely need some of the other leading contenders for the award to have an off year in order for him to have a real chance at winning.

Is it common to be handsome and still be single?

Yes, it is common to be handsome and still be single.

Do we really educate Indian youth?

If not, then why?

There is no one answer to this question as there are many factors that contribute to the education of Indian youth. Some of the reasons why Indian youth may not be receiving an adequate education includes poverty, lack of access to quality educational resources, and inequalities in the educational system. Additionally, some experts argue that India's education system fails to account for the needs of different learner types, resulting in a one-size-fits-all approach that does not effectively educate all students.

Which music has been in your loop recently?

Block B - "Don't Leave"

Mamamoo - "You're the Best"

Red Velvet - "Dumb Dumb"

I.O.I - "Very Very Very"

What do you believe to be the most unfair expectation/standard set on certain people?

There are a lot of unfair expectations and standards set on people, but one that stands out is the impossible standard of perfection. Whether it’s in regards to appearance, intelligence, or talent, society expects perfection from certain people and anything less is seen as a failure. This is an incredibly unrealistic and unfair standard that puts a lot of pressure on people who are already under a lot of pressure.

What would happen if high quality education was available and mandatory everywhere in the world no matter how poor and undeveloped a country was? What would happen If everyone was educated?

If high quality education was available and mandatory everywhere in the world, it is likely that global poverty would decrease. When people are educated, they have the opportunity to get better jobs and make more money. This increase in income would help to reduce poverty. Additionally, when people are educated, they are more likely to make informed decisions about their health, which would lead to improved health outcomes. Education also leads to increased political participation, which could lead to more responsive and effective governments.

I used to smoke weed every day for 5 years. I recently just had a bad concussion about a month ago and ever since then weed makes me feel super anxious. Tunnel vision, fast heart rate, sweaty palms. Why is this happening, will I smoke again?

It is possible that the concussion has changed the way that your brain processes THC, the main psychoactive compound in cannabis. It is also possible that you are experiencing anxiety due to THC withdrawal, as cannabis can be addictive. If you are experiencing anxiety after smoking weed, it is best to consult with a doctor or mental health professional to figure out the best course of action.

What are the features of a modern hearing test?

A modern hearing test may include measures of:

- how well you hear different tones or pitches of sound
- how well you hear different loudness levels of sound
- how well you understand speech
- how well you localize sound sources

I didn’t score well in CAT, I got calls from A grade colleges. Can I imagine of getting 12 LPA or above after graduation?

There are 2GPATyes you can think of getting a job with a good salary after graduation but it all depends where do you want to see yourself in future.

How can we calculate number of neutrons?

The number of neutrons can be calculated by subtracting the number of protons from the atomic mass.

Do spies learn hacking computers?

While the specifics vary depending on the organization for which they work, spies generally receive training in a variety of surveillance and information gathering techniques, including hacking.

When a NEET aspirant fails in the exam continuously, then is he satisfied with any other career option in life?

A NEET aspirant who fails in the exam continuously may not be satisfied with any other career option in life. He may feel that he has wasted his time and energy on preparing for the exam and that he is not good enough to pursue a medical career.

Do I need a photo consent form if I want to take photos of my daughter’s soccer team? I plan on selling books to the parents once the season is over.

Yes, you probably need a photo consent form.

What language did the Nazi German occupying forces speak in France?

The Nazi German occupying forces spoke in German.

Who are some pretty actresses (young, maybe teen or early 20's if possible) with hazel eyes and light brown hair?

Dakota Fanning, Olivia Wilde, Amber Heard, Nina Dobrev, Troian Bellisario, Emilia Clarke, Katherine McNamara

What were some red flags you experienced when dating a narcissist? Did you notice him/her manipulating, triangulating the kids?

There were several red flags that I experienced while dating a narcissist. One of the biggest red flags was his manipulating and triangulating the kids. He would often use them as pawns in his games, and he would gaslight them into believing things that weren't true. He was also very controlling and would try to isolate me from my friends and family. He was always the center of attention and needed to be the life of the party. He was also very charming and charismatic, which made it easy for him to manipulate and control people.

Why do India so laging in fashion world?

Some possible explanations for why India might be lagging in the fashion world include a lack of infrastructure and support for designers, limited access to international markets, and a general preference for traditional clothing over Western-style fashion. Additionally, the Indian government has been slower than some other countries in providing incentives and subsidies to the fashion industry, which has made it difficult for Indian designers to compete on a global scale.

How can I shop at Amazon.it of Italy in English?

To shop at Amazon.it in English, you can change the language settings on the website. To do this, go to the website's homepage and scroll down to the bottom of the page. On the bottom left-hand side, there will be a drop-down menu labeled "Language." Click on this menu and select "English."

I am stuck with IT Returns. I remember last time I got help from AXE consultants. Is there any other website apart from AXE consultants that will help me in filing IT Returns?

What are the health benefits of adding ghee to chapati?

Consuming ghee chapati is beneficial for those who are looking to gain weight in a healthy manner. Ghee is a good source of energy and provides essential fatty acids and vitamins that are necessary for good health.

Fascist parties are on the rise everywhere, Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy, and the USA. Where are the communists? Neither fascism nor communism have anything to recommend themselves, so why fascism?

Fascism is on the rise because it is a backlash against the liberal values of the Enlightenment, which are seen as responsible for the ills of the modern world. Communism is in decline because it has failed to deliver on its promises and has been discredited by the atrocities committed in its name.

Is Fabiano Caruana bad at rapid chess compared to other super GMs?

It is difficult to compare Fabiano Caruana's rapid chess ability to other super GMs because there is no definitive way to measure chess ability.

Do you need 3 years of direct project manager experience to apply for and take the PMP certification exam? Can you spin experience from other fields?

The Project Management Institute (PMI) does not require candidates to have direct project manager experience in order to apply for the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification exam. However, candidates must have a minimum of 3 years of professional project management experience in order to qualify for the exam. Candidates may be able to spin experience from other fields if they can demonstrate that they have project management experience.

Would the US’ public school system eventually improve over time if there was a policy to cap class sizes at 15 especially in poorer and more disadvantaged communities by reducing the risk of burnout (and turnout) and increasing teacher: pupil ratios?

There is no one answer to this question since there are many factors that affect the US public school system. However, if class sizes were capped at 15 students, it would likely reduce the risk of burnout and turnover for teachers, and could improve the quality of education overall.

Can I eat moldy tomatoes after cooking it?

If the moldy spot is small, cut it out of the tomato before cooking. If the moldy spot is larger, it's probably best to discard the tomato.

Do some straight boys like to dress and pretend to be a girl in private?

There is no single answer to this question, as boys' individual preferences will differ. However, it is safe to say that some straight boys do enjoy dressing and pretending to be a girl in private, either for fun or for sexual gratification. While this behavior isn't necessarily indicative of latent homosexuality, it can be a sign that the boy is curious about or experimenting with his own gender identity.

What is the best online course for Google Tag Manager?

There are many online courses available for Google Tag Manager. However, the best course depends on your specific needs and goals. If you want a general overview of Google Tag Manager, we recommend the course "Google Tag Manager Essentials" by Analytics Academy. If you're looking for a more comprehensive course, we recommend "Google Tag Manager Fundamentals" by Google.

I was born with a defect called Anorchia. Is there any cure for it yet or is there a solution expected in the future?

There is not currently a cure for anorchia, but there may be solutions in the future.

When are you okay with self-discloser from a mental health therapist or psychologist (maybe even very grateful for it) and when does it (if it does) make you uncomfortable and it is not wanted?

There is no one answer to this question as everyone will have different comfort levels when it comes to self-disclosure from a mental health therapist or psychologist. Some people may be okay with hearing about the therapist's personal life, while others may find this unhelpful or even intrusive. It is important to communicate with your therapist about your comfort level with self-disclosure so that they can tailor their disclosures to your needs.

How do people react when they are told that an idea is an unquestionable scientific fact?

Some people may react with disbelief or skepticism, while others may be more trusting of the idea if it comes from a reliable source.

Why does one tenth of the world's population suffer from chronic hunger on a daily basis and suffer its consequences, when the world is currently producing enough food to feed us all?

The world currently produces enough food to feed us all, but one tenth of the world's population suffers from chronic hunger on a daily basis. The reasons for this include unequal distribution of food, inefficient agricultural production, and poor access to food.

Is the UK tory government selling off channel 4 as revenge for its lacklustre support for brexit? This is an accusation made from within the tory party, not by political opponents of it. There appears to be no other good reason to sell.

The accusation that the UK Tory government is selling off Channel 4 as revenge for its lacklustre support for Brexit appears to be baseless. There is no evidence to suggest that the sale of Channel 4 is motivated by anything other than a desire to generate revenue for the government.

Can we take two moments in a day?

There's no definitive answer to this question since it depends on interpretation. Some people might say that you can only live in each moment as it occurs, so taking two moments would mean living partially in the past and present simultaneously, which isn't possible. Others might say that time is a human construct and that, technically speaking, you could take as many moments as you wanted since they're all happening at the same time anyways.

Should I wait to give my current job a 2-week notice until I receive a written job offer vs a verbal offer?

It is always best to wait until you have a written job offer in hand before giving your current employer a two-week notice. This will help to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding about the terms of your new position.

Iphone users: can I create a really nasty response to robo calls? Is anyone listening?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to deal with unwanted calls differs from person to person. However, there are a fewgeneric things you can do to make life difficult for robo callers:

-Hang up immediately. This denies them the satisfaction of hearing a human voice on the other end of the line.

-When they call back, do not pick up. Let their call go to voicemail so they can hear a prerecorded message instead.

-If you do pick up, stay on the line long enough to waste their time. The longer they are on the phone with you, the less time they have to make other calls.

- Be as uncooperative as possible. Refuse to answer their questions or follow their instructions.

-Play loud music in the background or make other loud noises to disrupt their speech.

-Make up fake information. Give them a fake name, address, or credit card number.

Do anthropologists and allied scientists agree that prehistoric humans got the concept of music from birds?

There is no universal agreement on the origins of music, and opinions vary among anthropologists and allied scientists. Some believe that prehistoric humans may have gotten the concept of music from birds, while others believe that music is a more general human trait that predates contact with birds.

A co-worker falsely created a bad image of mine in the eyes of my boss and now my boss does not trust me anymore. How should I clear my image?

The best way to clear your image is to talk to your boss directly. Explain what happened and why you think your co-worker created a bad image of you. Be honest and straightforward with your boss. If you have evidence to back up your claims, show it to your boss. Ultimately, it is up to your boss to decide whether or not to trust you.

If people were still openly tortured and killed in barbaric like events publicly, would you attend the events? Say with hungry lions, or violent fights to the death?

No, I would not attend the events.

How can I get people to stop telling me what to do?

There is no single answer to this question as different people will react differently to different approaches. Some potential strategies include:

- Politely declining requests or orders in a firm but respectful manner
- Asking questions about why a certain course of action is being suggested before indicating whether or not you will comply
- Pointing out when someone appears to be giving you unsolicited advice or directives
- Making it clear that you appreciate input but ultimately reserve the right to make your own decisions
- Joking about the situation or deflecting attention away from it altogether

Must a first born always protect, safeguard, and provide for his/her siblings all though life?

No, but it is often expected.

If the sum of ten consecutive numbers is 555, what will be sum of next ten consecutive numbers?

The sum of the next ten consecutive numbers will be 565.

Is there any Nath Community among Nepali people?

Yes, there are members of the Nath community among Nepali people.

Who is the best blues guitar player, among those who use clean sound?

The best blues guitar player who uses clean sound is surely B.B. King. He has an unmistakable style that is both smooth and sophisticated. His playing is always tasteful, and he has a great feel for the blues. He is also a master of improvisation, and his solos are always interesting and soulful.

I’m 13. My mother doesn't let me watch Tokyo Ghoul, but I have great tolerance for gore and blood. I miss watching the anime, and I just want to watch it. What can I do?

If you're simply asking how you can convince your mom to let you watch Tokyo Ghoul, you could try showing her a trailer for the anime or reading the manga together and discussing it. You could also explain why you're interested in the anime and what you like about it. If your mom is still hesitant, maybe you could compromise and agree to watch it together or only watch certain episodes that she approves of.

Is Russia destroying infrastructure because they're too weak and pathetic to actually fight soldiers and can only hit immovable objects like cities and buildings?

No, there is no evidence that Russia is destroying infrastructure because they are too weak and pathetic to fight soldiers.