🔥👉 How much should I expect to spend on my wedding flowers?

"✅👉 The average cost of wedding flowers is $1,500."

Prof. Colten Lehner
Prof. Colten Lehner

How is Vercingétorix seen in contemporary France? Is he seen as a national hero figure, akin to (if perhaps to a lesser degree than) Joan of Arc?

Vercingétorix is not as well known as Joan of Arc in France, but he is still seen as a national hero.

After 9 months of therapy and getting really attached to my therapist how possible is it to make a rational decision about if therapy is affective for me? I don't want to leave my T. Yet progress seems very slow and even perhaps non existent.

There is no easy answer for this question. It depends on many factors, including how attached you are to your therapist, how much progress you have made, and how long you have been in therapy. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide whether or not therapy is effective for you. If you are doubtful, you may want to consider Consulting with another therapist to get a second opinion.

What is the meaning of “without learning, the wise becomes foolish; by learning, then the foolish becomes wise”?

This means that without learning, wisdom will turn to foolishness. However, if someone is willing to learn, even if they are considered foolish, they can become wise.

What does a description of 'nature' encompass, the Earth and its atmosphere only or all matter in the cosmos?

A description of nature can encompass all matter in the cosmos, but it typically refers to the Earth and its atmosphere.

What is the best little-known 80s movie that depicts the decade's pop culture?

The best little-known 80s movie that depicts the decade's pop culture is Earth Girls Are Easy. It is a musical comedy about aliens coming to Earth and falling in love with humans.

How does one use a sextant to determine a ship's position at sea?

A sextant is used to measure the angle of the sun or another celestial body above the horizon. By measuring the altitude of the sun, a ship's navigator can determine the ship's latitude.

What’s your first impression by appearance when seeing someone wear trendy clothes like ripped denim jeans?

My first impression is that they are cool and stylish.

How I can write articles for newspapers with good content and ideas?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to write articles for newspapers with good content and ideas will vary depending on the publication you are writing for and the subject you are covering. However, some tips on how to writearticles for newspapers with good content and ideas include:

- Make sure you have a clear understanding of the publication's readership and what they are looking for in an article.

- spend time brainstorming ideas and developing a well-thought-out plan for your article before you start writing.

- Use strong, active language that engages the reader and keeps them reading.

- Use persuasive techniques such as anecdotes, facts and figures, and personal testimonies to make your points effectively.

- Edit your article carefully before submitting it, checking for grammar, spelling, and factual errors.

What are some tough lessons/experiences people will have to go through the older they get?

Some tough lessons people will have to go through as they get older include learning how to deal with loss, how to manage their finances, and how to deal with difficult life transitions.

On Quora which are more creative, the questions or the answers?

The answers.

How can I, an INTP, deal with my ISFJ mom, especially when she tries to avoid a real discussion and makes me feel guilty?

It may be difficult to have a real discussion with your ISFJ mom if she is avoiding it, but you can try to ask her directly what she is thinking or feeling. If she tries to make you feel guilty, you could try to explain your perspective calmly and logically. You might also want to consider whether there is something you could do differently that would help reduce the tension between you.

Should information be free?

There are pros and cons to the idea of making information free. On the one hand, making information free could lead to more people having access to education and knowledge. On the other hand, some people argue that free information could lead to a decline in the quality of information.

Why does love for someone sometimes disappear?

There is no definitive answer, but one possibility is that people change over time and as they do, they may no longer be compatible with the person they once loved. Additionally, love is often based on physical attraction, which can fade over time.

What is the point of linear algebra? How can I motivate students to study this? Are there any tangible reasons why students should study linear algebra?

The point of linear algebra is to study mathematical problems that can be best explained in terms of linear equations. Linear algebra is a powerful tool for solving mathematical problems, and it can be used to solve problems in physics and engineering. There are many tangible reasons why students should study linear algebra, such as the fact that it can help them solve physics problems, or that it can be used to solve engineering problems.

What do the British think of the Gurkhas?

The British think of the Gurkhas as brave, loyal, and tough warriors.

Is it possible to eradicate a leftist ideology in America? If so, how?

Ideologies cannot be eradicated, but they can be changed. In order to change a leftist ideology, you would need to alter the way people think about issues and convince them to adopt a different perspective. This can be done through education, debate, and discussion.

What are the solutions other than war to solve the current Syrian issue?

The current Syrian issue can be solved through diplomatic channels, such as negotiations, diplomacy, and aid.

Has anyone ever gone to prison, then got admitted to an ivy league school when they got out?

I am not aware of anyone who has done this, though it seems like it would be possible.

Do I really need a squat rack?

You don't need a squat rack, but it can be very useful. A squat rack can help you perform squats with proper form and technique, and it can also help you increase your range of motion.

As a woman, do you have a problem if you earn more than your husband? I want to know frankly because my wife is the breadwinner?

No, I don't think it's a problem. My husband and I have different incomes and we're both happy with our arrangement.

I'm so depressed about my job in Marketing & Client Services as well as my below average salary. Everyone thinks I'm a failure including my own father. What should I do?

First, it is important to talk to someone who can provide objective insight into your situation. A therapist or counselor can help you explore your feelings and give you tools to deal with them. Additionally, consider talking to your boss or a trusted colleague at work to get their perspective on your job situation. If you feel like you are truly stuck in a rut, it may be time to make a change. Research new career options and look into job postings to see what skills and experience employers are seeking. Finally, make sure to take care of yourself both mentally and physically. Overcoming depression can be a long and difficult journey, but you are not alone. Seek out support from loved ones, professionals, and community resources.

Do you think we ought to financially compensate the descendents of African American slaves for the atrocities they suffered and sanctioned by the US?

No, I do not think the government should provide financial compensation to the descendants of African American slaves. Reparations would be incredibly difficult to calculate and distribute fairly, and it is impossible to compensate for the centuries of physical and emotional suffering that slaves endured. Instead, the government should focus on initiatives that will help all Americans, regardless of race or ethnicity, to succeed.

Why doesn’t Hive store metadata information in HDFS?

There are a few reasons for this:

1. HDFS is designed for storing large files, and Hive's metadata is relatively small in comparison.

2. Hive uses a relational database to store metadata, which is more suited for this purpose.

3. Storing metadata in HDFS would require additional processing to keep the two data sources in sync, which would be unnecessary overhead.

What should I study when I want a bright future as a security researcher and a white hat hacker?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to become a security researcher or white hat hacker depends on your specific goals and interests. However, studying computer science, mathematics, and engineering can give you the technical skills you need to succeed in this field. Additionally, networking and information security courses can provide you with the knowledge needed to protect systems from attack.

What or who stopped the Mongol conquest westwards?

The death of Genghis Khan in 1227 halted the westward expansion of the Mongol Empire.

How can I stay updated with the competitions, events and seminars happening near me?

There are various ways that you can stay updated with the competitions, events and seminars happening near you. You can check the website of your local art gallery or museum for upcoming events. You can also sign up for newsletters from your favorite art supply stores to receive updates on sales and new products. Additionally, many cities have public art festivals that are announced in local newspapers and on community calendars.

Why have women won only 44 Nobel Prizes (5% of the total)? Is this due solely to prejudice and inequality?

The number of Nobel Prizes won by women is largely due to prejudice and inequality. Women have been historically underrepresented in fields such as science and mathematics, which are typically rewarded with Nobel Prizes. Additionally, women are more likely to face discrimination and barriers to entry in these fields.

Why does it seems to hurt more when a narcissist is calm, controlled and distant and not rage and violet after experiencing a narcissistic injury?

There are a few reasons why this might be the case. Firstly, when a narcissist is calm, controlled and distant, it is a sign that they are still in control of the situation and they are not feeling as threatened or defensive as they would if they were raging and violent. This means that they are more likely to be able to act in a calm and calculated manner, which can be more hurtful because it shows that they are still in control. Secondly, when a narcissist is calm, controlled and distant, it may be a sign that they have moved on from the situation and they are no longer feeling as emotionally attached to it. This can be particularly hurtful because it suggests that the narcissist has already moved on and they are no longer interested in reconciling or resolving the situation. Finally, when a narcissist is calm, controlled and distant, it may be because they are trying to gaslight or manipulate the situation by making it seem like they are not affected by what has happened. This can be incredibly hurtful because it shows that the narcissist is trying to control the situation and make it seem like their actions have no consequences.

What are some arguments in defence of "illegally" downloading music and films?

There are a few arguments in defence of downloading music and films illegally. One argument is that it is a victimless crime, as the artist or studio does not directly lose money from an illegal download. Another argument is that many people cannot afford to pay for music or films, so illegal downloading is a way to access this content for free. Additionally, some people argue that downloading illegally is a form of protest against the high cost of music and films, or against restrictive copyright laws.

Does Internet Explorer support WebRTC?

Internet Explorer does not support WebRTC.

What is the use of tie line in Power Systems?

Tie line is a power line that connects two different electrical systems or grids.

Is Nick Gibb's failure to answer a time table on Good Morning Britain, when he is overseeing tests for nine year olds, a further example of how out-of-touch our political class has become?

Given that Mr Gibb is the Minister of State for School Standards, one might expect him to be familiar with the curriculum he is responsible for overseeing. However, his failure to answer a simple question on Good Morning Britain about the timetable for nine year olds suggests that he is out of touch with the reality of life in schools. This is perhaps not surprising, given that he was privately educated and attended Oxford University.

Why doesn't my mom let me do chores?

There could be a variety of reasons why your mom does not allow you to do chores. It could be that she does not think you are responsible enough, or she may feel like she needs to do everything herself. If you talk to your mom and explain that you are willing to help out around the house, she may be more likely to let you do some chores.

Does boiling vegetables add carbs to the broth?

No, boiling vegetables does not add carbs to the broth.

What is your best job offer negotiation experience? Can you share this?

I'm currently in the process of negotiating my salary for a new job and so far it's been going well. I've been very clear about what I'm looking for and why I feel I deserve it, and the company has been receptive to my arguments. I'm hopeful that we'll be able to reach an agreement that is fair for both parties.

Is it considered inconsiderate if a friend asked to stay at your house for a week, but not bring a thank you gift for the hospitality? If she has the money to buy a plane ticket and rent a car, how can she not afford to bring an inexpensive gift?

It would be more inconsiderate if the friend expected to be able to stay for a week without bringing a thank you gift, rather than if the friend simply forgot to bring a gift. If the friend has the money to buy a plane ticket and rent a car, she should also be able to afford to bring an inexpensive gift.

Which two elements mostly comprise the mass of the Earth?

Iron and oxygen are the two most abundant elements in the Earth's crust, making up about 35% and 30% of the crust by mass, respectively.

What will be some mental health issues associated with being of the first generation to eliminate aging?

Some mental health issues associated with being of the first generation to eliminate aging could include: feeling isolated and lonely, feeling like one doesn't belong, feeling like one is not good enough, feeling like one is not worthy, and feeling like one will never be able to achieve anything.

Why did Tendulkar use heavy bats while playing cricket?

There is no definitive answer to this question, but it is speculated that Tendulkar used heavy bats because they helped him generate more power when hitting the ball. It is also possible that he simply felt more comfortable using a heavier bat, as many cricket players prefer a weight that feels balanced in their hands.

What should be done with Seattle’s Capital Hill Autonomous Zone? Why?

The zone should be dismantled and the police should be allowed to law enforcement in the area. The zone has been a hotbed for criminal activity, including riots, and it is time for it to end.

Is engineering drawing required for CS IT students?

No, engineering drawings are not required for CS IT students.

Are most people just one major illness away from being bankrupt or homeless?

No, but they are one major illness away from being in debt.

What should I do if someone issues a false notice to me?

If you receive a false notice, you should speak to an attorney. An attorney can help you determine if the notice is actually false and, if so, what your options are for responding.

What title is better: Director of UX or Creative Director : UX?

Director of UX

Is the end to the sunny weather lately a natural phenomenon, or is it as I suspect a consequence of Brexit?

There is no link between the two events.

How useful was a dismounted knight with Maximilian plate armor and a two handed great sword?

A dismounted knight in Maximilian plate armor was quite useful, as the armor provided good protection from most attacks and the greatsword could deal a lot of damage. However, the knight would be at a disadvantage against opponents with ranged weapons or faster, more agile opponents.

What is the mileage for a Classic 350 after the second service?

The Classic 350 has a mileage of 40-45 kmpl after the second service.

Is it possible that we can make language acquisition easier by breaking the language down into more manageable chunks?

It is possible to make language acquisition easier by breaking the language down into more manageable chunks. However, it is also important to consider other factors, such as the learner's motivation and level of exposure to the language.

Which batsman has won the most MOM prices in international cricket?

Test cricket - Viv Richards (WI) - 11
ODI cricket - Sachin Tendulkar (IND) - 62
T20I cricket - Shahid Afridi (Pak) - 15

How would you explain impulse, impulse response, and convolution using physical examples?

Impulse: A sudden, brief burst of energy or action
Impulse response: The effects of an impulse on a system
Convolution: The combination of two signals to create a third signal

Will Artificial Intelligence save the 'Human Colony' from destroying itself?

The answer is unclear. Artificial intelligence may help humanity avoid self-destruction, but it could also contribute to our demise.

Why does the proton remain bounded, what is the meaning of a bind?

The proton remains bounded because it has a strong nuclear force holding it in place. The meaning of a bind is that something is strongly held in place.

A kid on a swing takes 20 seconds for her to swing 5 times. What is the frequency and period?

The frequency is 0.25 Hz and the period is 4 seconds.

Where has FTIR spectrum of CO2 at 0.04% in air been reported, and was the mixture's temperature measured during the exposure?

The FTIR spectrum of CO2 at 0.04% in air was reported in a study by Myhre et al. (1998). The mixture's temperature was not measured during the exposure.

What's the best one day itinerary for visiting Padang?

The best one day itinerary for visiting Padang would be to start with a visit to the Adityawarman Museum, then head to the Muaro Jambi Temple Complex, and finally end with a tour of the Bukit Tinggi Cliff.

Are there any shared words between the Latvian and the Estonian languages?

There are no shared words between the Latvian and Estonian languages.

When can I eat solid food (or crunchy) food again after a wisdom teeth extraction?

Most patients can eat solid foods the day after wisdom teeth extractions. However, it is important to eat soft foods for the first few days and to avoid hard or crunchy foods until your mouth has healed completely.

Why isn't hollow point ammunition banned in the US for everyone, including law enforcement and civilians?

There is no universal answer to this question, as different people would have different reasons for supporting or opposing such a ban. Some might argue that hollow point bullets are more humane than other types of ammunition, as they cause less damage to the body and are less likely to ricochet and injure bystanders. Others might argue that hollow point bullets are more effective at stopping attackers, and thus should be available to all people who might need to defend themselves. Still others might argue that banning hollow point bullets would be an infringement on the right to bear arms, and would not be effective at reducing crime or saving lives.

What is the acceleration if Mark pulls a block of mass 9.0 kg by means of a horizontal string across a horizontal surface when the tension in the string is 29 N and the frictional force opposing the motion is 17 N?

2 m/s^2

Did Ian McKellen wear a prosthetic nose to play Gandalf in either set of movies?

No, McKellen did not wear a prosthetic nose to play Gandalf in either set of movies.

When assessing body fat via skinfold calipers, how does this process differ for men and women?

The skinfold caliper process is the same for men and women.

Which midfielders should Liverpool FC buy as now their attack and defense are settled?

There are a few midfielders that Liverpool FC could consider buying in order to add depth and quality to their squad. Some of the names that come to mind are N’Golo Kante (Chelsea), Leon Goretzka (Bayern Munich), and Thomas Partey (Atletico Madrid).

Can eating properly help with depression?

Although depression and poor diet are not directly linked, eating a healthy diet can improve your mood and help you better cope with stress and depression.

What fix can I do in my heavy bridal lehnga which will make it not slip down my waist and expose my belly because the choli is too short?

If the choli is too short, you can try wearing a belt over the lehnga. This will help to cinch in your waist and keep the lehenga in place. You could also try wearing a dupatta over the lehenga to help keep it in place.

Why are computer programmers still away from the belief decision chart?

There are a variety of reasons why computer programmers may be away from the belief decision chart. One reason may be that they are not familiar with the tool and how it can be used to help make decisions. Another reason may be that they feel that the belief decision chart is not relevant to their work. Finally, some programmers may simply not believe that the chart can be helpful in making decisions.

What is the procedure to get a driving licence back after it was seized/suspended for 3 months in Kolkata, India?

I am not sure about the procedure in Kolkata, India, but typically one would need to reapply for a license after it has been suspended or seized. The process may vary depending on the reason for the suspension or seizure.

Guardians of the Galaxy' director James Gunn confirmed via Twitter that the Orb holds which Infinity Stone?

The Orb holds the Power Stone.

How do I get White Castle sliders shipped to the West Coast?

There is not a White Castle location on the West Coast, so it is not possible to get sliders shipped from there.

Why does my VirtualBox keep saying "bootalbe medium not found system halted"?

There could be several reasons for this error message. The most common reason is that the bootable medium (typically a disk or ISO image) is not properly configured in the virtual machine's settings. Another possibility is that the bootable medium is not readable by the virtual machine (for example, if it is a physical disk that is not connected to the machine). Finally, it is also possible that the bootable medium contains errors or is corrupt.

What should I do if a girl controls me?

There is no definitive answer, but seeking professional help may be a good idea if you feel like you are unable to control your own life.

As always, I probably won't use your suggestions, but they may help inspire something. How would I justify an assassin Patriar?

Runegate I will definately try apatriar,but not patrician becaus ehe removed "patriot" from the translation ha ha...honestly..I am looking for some feedback here..sorry I forgot to mention that lol! (for those just glancing)

On the other hand, patriar is another term for patriarch and Patriot is actually kind of redundant due to it being "parent of one's country", but Patriar could mean "father of one's nation". Not terribly sure if I would condone putting patriar in there though. In fact, I might start a separate thread, so this one can stay on topic. Eilractic Well it sounds like you're having fun with fleshing this out, which is always the point of homebrew (in my opinion).

Some ideas on race-class interactions based on what you've mentioned:

Spheres can be religions in this world too. Personally, I might go so far as breaking it down a bit into what has BEEN religions and present ones. Classically Christian clerics represent Christian churches happening at their time. Ones from classical Greco-Roman gods represent Paganism that happened at the time. Druids have always been nature loving and magical folks since the beginning of time, so if the druid came about at about the same time as Christianity (which by and large rejected paganism except for some things...), then they'd still count as being around before base class cleric was created (and thus druidic religion didn't exist when clergy was first separated out of base class mage).

But religously based spheres are easy pickings. Folklore also has a lot of religion in it, so you could add spheres based off ancient mythologies to create nostalgic classes based off oldest known fantasy creatures. To kill two birds with one stone you could use some god myths to explainaway how certain undead like vampires or werewolves were created where someone was cursed or blessed (or both) by a deity who gave them something.

Some other classes that are commonly seen in knighthood or paladinhood or other combat profession include Paladins/Antipaladins, Fell Guards, Crusaders, War Mages/Arcane Warriors (because wizards ARE often shown giving warrior types magic weapons), Cavalier(quasi-knight), Archers/Fighters, Inquistors/, Marshals (if dealing with noble's military

Do prosecutors always win trials?

No, prosecutors do not always win trials.

How do you create an Excel table with row headers instead of column headers?

To create an Excel table with row headers instead of column headers, click anywhere inside the table, then click the Table Design tab on the ribbon. In the Table Style Options group, uncheck the option for Header Row.

(SPOILER) What caused Jon to betray Daenerys, he was loyal just a few minutes before?

There is no clear answer, but it seems that Jon's sense of duty outweighed his loyalty to Daenerys. He may have also been influenced by Tyrion, who convinced him that Daenerys was not fit to rule.

What is the best treatment for pink eye in cattle? Can the cornea return to a normal healthy state after the treatment?

There is no one "best" treatment for pink eye in cattle, as the condition can be caused by a number of different factors. Treatment will typically involve addressing the underlying cause of the pink eye, if possible, and symptomatic treatment to help relieve discomfort and promote healing. In most cases, the cornea will return to a healthy state once the underlying cause is resolved.

Why isn’t restoring voting integrity for the millions who think the 2020 election was fraudulent as important as the investigation conducted for the 2016 Russian collusion narrative?

One reason is that the 2016 Russian collusion narrative was created by the media and Democrats in order to damage Trump and his administration, while there is no evidence that the 2020 election was fraudulent. Another reason is that there are many people who still believe the 2016 Russian collusion narrative, while there is no convincing evidence to support it. Finally, the 2020 election was conducted relatively smoothly and there is no need for an investigation into its integrity.

Is there necessarily something wrong with a dog who gets treated well by his owner, but will not bond with him?

No, there is not necessarily something wrong with a dog who gets treated well by his owner but does not bond with him. Some dogs are just less affectionate than others and may never form a close bond with their owner.

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