🔥👉 Does Video Boosters Club provide real YouTube views?

"✅👉 Our organic views come exclusively from human profiles. Unlike other service providers, we are not part of any bot network. This means that your content won't get suspended or removed from YouTube due to our services.

How long will it take to see results? You should see results within 24 hours or less."

Kolby Fahey
Kolby Fahey

In the World of Tanks PC, is it best to go for the M4A3E2 Jumbo or the M4A3E8 "Easy Eight"?

The M4A3E2 Jumbo is the better choice as it has more armor and a higher rate of fire.

Is lip-reading used by law enforcement?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as it depends on the country and the specific law enforcement agency in question. In some cases, lip-reading may be used by law enforcement as part of an investigation, while in others it may not be used at all.

Why don't Indian milkmen milk street cows?

There is no one definitive answer to this question. Some reasons that have been suggested include:

- It may be seen as disrespectful to milk street cows, as they are considered sacred in Hinduism.
- It could be seen as a health hazard, as street cows are often not well-cared for and may carry diseases.
- Street cows may be aggressive and difficult to milk.
- There may be legal restrictions on milking street cows.

In an argument with a partner; if one asks “what is it exactly that I did to make you so upset with me?” and the other replies without ever answering, “it doesn’t matter anymore. Leave me alone.” Is the former being manipulated into feeling guilty?

Yes, the former partner is likely being manipulated into feeling guilty. The reply avoids answering the question and instead tries to shift the focus onto the emotions of the other person. This is a common tactic used in arguments to try and make the other person feel guilty or ashamed so that they will back down or end the argument.

How does a simple chain link fence stop powerful lions and tigers from breaking through?

The links in a chain link fence are very strong, and the fence is difficult to climb.

If a wife is dying of coronavirus and her husband won't allow her to go to the hospital, can her doctor override the husband's decision? This may vary from state to state. I'm interested in California.

There is no definitive answer to this question. In general, a doctor would need to obtain a court order to override the husband's decision, but the circumstances of each individual case would need to be considered.

What is wrong with respecting and worshipping cows in India?

There is nothing wrong with respecting and worshipping cows in India.

Does Apple allow iPhone apps, where full screen comes from UIWebView external HTML?

I'm not sure what you mean.

How could I become more logical during university?

There is no one answer to this question, as different people have different learning styles and preferences. Some suggestions might include attending study groups or workshops on logic and reasoning, reading books or articles on the subject, or practicing logic puzzles and other brainteasers.

How do you use the area model to multiply two digit by two digit numbers?

To use the area model to multiply two digit by two digit numbers, you will need to draw a rectangle. The length of the rectangle will be equal to the first number in the multiplication equation and the width will be equal to the second number. You will then need to count the total number of squares that are inside the rectangle to find the answer to the multiplication equation.

Will weed show up on a UTI test?

No, it will not.

Why did Austronesians prefer to occupy islands than larger landmasses nearby such as Africa and Australia?

There are a few possible explanations:

1) The Austronesian people may have felt safer on islands, since they would be less likely to be attacked by land-based animals or invaders.
2) Islands are typically easier to navigate and explore than larger landmasses, so the Austronesian people may have found them more user-friendly.
3) Island ecosystems are typically more diverse and abundant than those on larger landmasses, providing the Austronesian people with more resources.

I have a cut on my face and it turned into a purple scar. Will it go away?

It is unlikely that the scar will go away completely, but it may fade over time.

Is President Obama's claim that he "can't pardon somebody who hasn't gone before a court and presented themselves" true?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it has not been tested in court, but it is generally accepted that a president does have the power to pardon someone who has not yet been convicted of a crime.

How is bowling alley as a business in India? How much will be the profit margin?

Bowling alley as a business in India is growing at a rapid pace. The profit margin in this business is quite high as there are very few competitors.

Which movie monster do you like better, King Kong or Godzilla?

I prefer King Kong, but I think Godzilla is more iconic.

I want to harvest parts (such as transformers, ICs, and switches) from old electronics. Which devices are best for this and where can I obtain them?

The best devices for this are ones that are no longer used or needed and are about to be thrown away. Switches, ICs, and transformers can all be found in old electronics.

What is the cost of implementing RFID attendance system in schools in india?

There is no set cost for implementing an RFID attendance system in schools in India, as the price will vary depending on the specific system chosen and the number of schools involved. However, it is estimated that such a system would typically cost between Rs. 1-2 lakhs per school.

How do you make a pillow out of pants?

First, find a pair of pants that you no longer wear. Cut the pants along the seams so that you have four separate pieces of fabric. Sew two of the pieces of fabric together, then stuff the pillow with cotton or other fabric scraps. Sew the remaining two pieces of fabric together to close the pillow.

What would you do if you were suddenly transported back to yesterday morning?

Assuming that I could not go back to the present day, I would spend the day with my family. I would have breakfast with my husband and children, then we would go for a walk in the park. After lunch, we would watch a movie together and spend the rest of the day relaxing at home.

Which would be a better act of blessing, money or food?

While both acts of blessing could be seen as good, depending on the need of the person being blessed, food might be the better option. Money can be spent quickly and on things that may not be beneficial to the person, while food is a more tangible need that can be met.

Why new generation of India show least interest in our mythology?

There are many potential reasons for why the new generation of India might show less interest in mythology. Some reasons could include that they are more exposed to other cultures and influences, that they have less time to engage with mythology, or that they simply don't find it as relevant to their lives. Additionally, the new generation may view mythology as more fantasy than fact, which could lead to them feeling less connected to it.

On the HBO Max app, I receive the error prompt: "Cant play title. We're having trouble playing this video. Please try again later." How do I resolve this issue?

If you receive the error prompt "Cant play title. We're having trouble playing this video. Please try again later." when trying to play a title on your HBO Max app, there are a few steps you can take to resolve the issue:

1. Check your internet connection. HBO Max requires a minimum internet speed of 3 Mbps to stream video.

2. Close the HBO Max app and restart it.

3. Update the app to the latest version.

4. Uninstall and reinstall the app.

Why do people use Balb/C in influenza virus experiments instead of C57BL/6?

There are several reasons why people use Balb/C in influenza virus experiments instead of C57BL/6. First, Balb/C is a commonly used mouse strain in immunology and virology research. Second, Balb/C mice are more susceptible to influenza virus infection than C57BL/6 mice, making them a better model for studying the disease. Finally, the genetic background of Balb/C mice is less complex than that of C57BL/6 mice, which makes it easier to interpret results from experiments involving Balb/C mice.

Why do companies entering the Asian market start in Japan?

There are a number of reasons why companies may choose to enter the Asian market through Japan. These reasons can include the following:

-Japan is the second largest economy in Asia and is a technologically advanced country. This provides a good base for companies to start their operations in Asia.
-The Japanese market is relatively open to foreign companies, which makes it easier for companies to establish a presence in the country.
-Japan is a key strategic location for many companies looking to expand into Asia. It is situated between many other Asian countries, making it a convenient gateway into the region.
-The Japanese consumer market is large and affluent, making it an attractive market for many companies.

Might you enjoy watching a usually straight man playing with a young man who has a pretty body, smooth with little body hair, and tight balls, bum, cock; finger going up his anus, balls very visible from the back?

I might, depending on the context and who the people involved are.

Did PM Modi and other BJP leaders pay tributes to Mookerjee on his death anniversary?

Yes, PM Modi and other BJP leaders paid tributes to Mookerjee on his death anniversary.

Do Netflix series released all at once?

Netflix releases all of its original series at once. This means that all episodes of a show are released at the same time so that viewers can watch them all immediately.

Will the prescription Effexor show a false/positive for a drug test?

There is a potential for a false positive on a drug test for Effexor, but it is unlikely.

What kinase phosphorylates the greatest number of unique proteins?


What is aesthetics art and activity in class 3?

Aesthetics is the study of art and beauty. It can be an activity that people do on their own or in a group.

How has storytelling and joking changed over time?

The way people tell stories and jokes has changed over time due to the influence of different cultures and technology. For example, storytelling was once an oral tradition passed down from generation to generation, but now stories can be written and shared online with a much wider audience. Jokes have also evolved over time, from simple word play to more complex satire.

If an iPhone is ringing another iPhone and getting 'User busy' iMessage going through as green SMS, does this mean I've been blocked?

It is possible that you have been blocked, but it is also possible that the person you are trying to reach is simply busy or has their phone turned off.

What sport should I do in high school if I already play field hockey?

Many high schools offer a variety of sports, so it really depends on what you're interested in and what's available. If you're looking to stay active in field hockey, you could consider joining the school's field hockey team, or look into other sports such as lacrosse, soccer, or track and field.

Have you ever asked your sister to flash for you?

I have not asked my sister to flash for me.

Who was the principal Soviet military commander during World War II?

Joseph Stalin

How do I cache CSS and JavaScript files from external links?

Caching CSS and JavaScript files from external links can be done by using a caching plugin.

Would you rather never be able to use a phone again or a computer again?

If I could only pick one, I would rather never use a computer again.

How did someone new to your country break an unwritten rule?

If someone new to your country breaks an unwritten rule, they may not even be aware that they are doing so. In some cases, they may be following the rules of their own culture and not realize that they are contrary to the unwritten rules of your country. In other cases, they may simply be unaware of the unwritten rules.

Are there benefits to joining a Boston yacht club for someone who doesn't own a boat (but likes sailing)?

Sure! Yacht clubs typically offer a variety of membership levels, so you can join even if you don't own a boat. Memberships typically include access to the club's facilities, like the lounge, pool, and showers, as well as social events and sailing lessons. Some clubs also offer discounted rates on boat storage and slips.

How many doctors in California perform house calls?

It is difficult to determine how many doctors in California perform house calls because there is no centralized data on this topic. However, a recent article in the Los Angeles Times cites a study that found that only about 1% of doctors in the state offer this service.

Why is it reported as news that a company has “raised money” (stock analysis, money)?

The fact that a company has raised money is generally reported as news because it is seen as a positive sign for the company's future. Raising money typically means that investors are willing to put more money into the company, which can help it grow and succeed.

Can a 5′4″ 12-year-old girl reach 5′8″?

There is no definite answer, as everyone grows at different rates. However, if the average height for a 12-year-old girl is 5′4″, then it is unlikely that she will reach 5′8″.

Is not filing your tax return legal?

It is not legal to file your tax return late. If you do not file your tax return on time, you may be subject to penalties and interest.

Is it creepy to ask for a photo with an air hostess?

No, it is not creepy to ask for a photo with an air hostess. Air hostesses are often happy to posed for photos with passengers, and many people enjoy collecting photos with air hostesses from different airlines. If you are polite and respectful when asking for a photo, the air hostess is unlikely to find it creepy.

Who understands North America owes black Americans reparations, and the world , specifically those who attended the Berlin conference owes Africa reparations?

There is no consensus on who owes reparations and how much they might be worth. Some people believe that North America owes reparations to black Americans, while others believe that the world owes reparations to Africa.

What do you think of the Orbiter space flight simulator?

I think the Orbiter space flight simulator is amazing! It's a great way to learn about space and how to fly a spacecraft.

Why don't we measure the return on liabilities (ROL) when we measure the ROE and ROA?

There are a few reasons why we might not measure the return on liabilities (ROL) when we measure the ROE and ROA. First, measuring the ROL can be difficult since liabilities can take many different forms (e.g., debt, accounts payable, deferred taxes). Second, measuring the ROL may not be as informative as measuring the ROE or ROA since liabilities represent funds that have been borrowed and must be repaid, while equity represents funds that have been invested by shareholders. Finally, the ROL may be less relevant than the ROE or ROA for decision-making purposes since managers typically have more control over assets and equity than liabilities.

If I want to ask the problem which is based on circuit then how do I add the photo of circuit?

I am sorry, but I do not understand your question.

What are the evidences of smartphone chess engine can beat an elite chess player?

There is no definitive answer to this question as the skill level of chess players can vary widely and the strength of chess engines can also vary widely. However, some people believe that a strong chess engine could beat an elite chess player if the engine was given enough time to prepare for the match.

Where do lower middle class and below families go for financial advice?

There is no one definitive answer to this question. Some families in the lower middle class or below may seek out financial advice from family or friends, while others may choose to work with a financial planner or another professional. Still others may simply try to learn as much as possible about personal finance on their own.

How can I improve and practice my casual speaking, public speaking, oration, and rhetoric skills?

Here are some ideas:

1. Join a Toastmasters club.

2. Give speeches at local events or Rotary club meetings.

3. Participate in open mics or poetry slams.

4. Take a drama or improv class.

5. Host your own podcast or vlog.

6. Give presentations at work or school.

What is the GDP data for individual states in India?

Unfortunately, GDP data for individual states in India is not readily available. The best source for this information would be the Indian government's Central Statistical Organization, but their website does not appear to have state-level GDP data.

Can the police come to your home to look for you if you have a bench warrant?

Yes, the police can come to your home to look for you if you have a bench warrant.

When buying prepared cured meats like hot dogs and sausages, how long before purchasing it was the meat slaughtered?

It is typically slaughtered within a few days.

What examples near you show sustainability and improvement in environmental quality?

One example of sustainability and improvement in environmental quality is the use of recycled materials in products. Recycled materials are used in a variety of products, including paper, cardboard, glass, metal, and plastic.

Do defense stocks perform well during wartime?

There is no definite answer to this question as stock performance is highly dependent on numerous factors. Nevertheless, some investors believe that defense stocks tend to do well during wartime due to the increased demand for military equipment and weaponry.

Is anybody here familiar with Vectorworks 2019? I am new to the software and can’t understand why I can't edit exported images in Photoshop. The image layer stays locked which makes it impossible to edit.


Odd. If a layer is locked in vectorworks, you can't literally lock it when exporting so it maintains that lock. I never found this to be a problem with export.
My guess is you are locking in vectorworks after export, which would explain why you cannot edit the file due to not being able to open the layer.

If a girl cuts her hair short does that mean she's a lesbian?

No, it doesn't necessarily mean that she's a lesbian.

What should the Top 1% people should do if they want to spend their life in India forever keeping in mind the current condition of country? Specially the youth?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the Top 1% people should tailor their plans to their own individual circumstances. However, there are some general things that they should keep in mind if they want to live in India forever. First, they should be aware of the current socio-economic conditions in the country and make sure that they are comfortable with them. Second, they should choose a location that suits their lifestyle and where they feel they will be happy. Third, they should make sure to create a strong support network of family and friends who can help them adjust to life in India.

Do aircraft fuselage/wing panels meet each other by overlap or end to end?

The panels overlap each other.

Would you give a limb (such as actual leg amputation) to become a citizen of your favourite country right now?


What should I do before trading? Should I study?

Before you begin trading, it is recommended that you spend time studying the market and developing a strategy. There are many resources available online and in libraries to help you learn about the market and how to trade.

Which summer fruit has IIT Roorkee science team used to make solar cells?

Graphene quantum dots derived from watermelon have been used by IIT Roorkee to make solar cells.

Is it bad to lift weights early in the morning while fasted?

There is no definitive answer to this question. Some people may find that lifting weights early in the morning results in greater gains, while others may find that it decreases their performance. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to experiment with different times of day to see what works best for them.

Will the Krakow salt mine open at 24 December?

Yes, the Krakow salt mine will be open on 24 December.

What is the largest brick set Lego ever created?

The largest brick set Lego ever created is the Lego Taj Mahal set, which contains over 5900 pieces.

What is the observable difference between a wave equation whose PDE is first order in time vs second order in time?

A wave equation with a first order time derivative will have a wave-like solution, while a wave equation with a second order time derivative will have a sinusoidal solution.

If reupholstering is not an option and replacing the entire seat is not an option what is the best way to repair a leather car seat that has a 4 way rip in the center of the seat cushion?

Leather car seats cannot be repaired. They can however be replaced or reupholstered.

It seems a police officer’s main job is to catch motor vehicle violations. Is that the reason people become police officers to catch violators?

. I am sure there is much more to the job than that, but during the day yesterday it seemed to be the priority.

They hide in places we would never think was available to view the road way, but it seems the police department has an unlimited supply of cameras. They have one of those cameras mounted under a bus shelter cover and you can only see it at a distance. The video for that camera has to be rebroadcast on you tube because many people do not know how to open up files with that extension. They link it with the Attorney General’s Web Site so they can reach a more diverse audience. We do want people to stop breakingregulations on licenses , speed limit, cell phones and whatever else they drop on you without notice please don’t forget the 65 dollar fine on the camera tickets.

With all this technology we finally got around to writing license plates and phone numbers down, now I find out there is a system where we would just report violations and they would give them another gift certificate?

Now forcing the good people to suffer alongside the bad is not going to help. Allowing people to suffer alongside my wrongdoings is not beneficial. What benefit does it have for someone to suffer alongside my wrongdoings?

What do you think of Los Angeles County Public Health Director’s statement,<br/>Schools will not open till after the election?

I think that it is a good idea for schools to not open until after the election because it will allow for more time to prepare and make sure that everything is ready.

How does the Marines OCS program rank against the ROTC army program? Are there any other college military programs that are better than them for me as a college freshman?

Marines OCS is much more difficult to get into than Army ROTC. There are also Navy and Air Force ROTC programs, but I don't know how they compare.

If you shot a bullet at a trail of gasoline, could it ignite it?

Yes, it is possible for a bullet to ignite a trail of gasoline.

What is it like for the blind to be high on weed?

There is no difference for the blind whether they are high on weed or not.

I visited San Diego during the summer of 2010 and I went to the beach at that time. Are there any peaceful and satisfying places in San Diego?

There are definitely some peaceful and satisfying places in San Diego. One place that comes to mind is Balboa Park. Balboa Park is a large urban park that is filled with gardens, museums, and walking trails. It's a great place to go to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

How do windmills harness their energy to power whole buildings?

Windmills are able to harness their energy to power whole buildings by using a series of blades that rotate in the wind. The blades are connected to a shaft, which is connected to a generator. The generator then creates electricity, which can be used to power the building.

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