🔥👉 Does the American military uphold the constitution or do they uphold the will of old and rich mortals? What happens to a country when its military sells out? Does the country crush its people and instill absolute fear in the ones who do not die?

"✅👉 Does the government then try to fill the silence that the military leaves behind? Is it possible for the military to fail without an extreme form of violence in their wake?

The reality is that the American military does not always uphold the Constitution. There have been times when American troops have been used to prop up dictatorships, squash rebellions, and crush popular movements. Sometimes the military has been used to further the interests of rich and powerful people, even when those interests conflict with the will of the people. All of this can lead to a country being crushed by its own military, with the government trying to fill the resulting void with propaganda and fear."

Dejon Hermann
Dejon Hermann

If one ant goes so far away from the nest, how do they find their way back if they lose the scent?

If an ant gets lost, it will backtrack its steps until it finds the scent trail again.

Is starting a camera and lens rental business that caters to local photographers a sustainable business?

There are many factors to consider when starting a rental business, such as the potential demand for rental services, the competition, the cost of inventory, and the overhead costs. However, if there is a strong demand for camera and lens rentals from local photographers and the business is able to compete with other rental businesses, then it could be a sustainable business.

Would you consider it abuse to let a baby cry themselves to sleep? Why or why not?

Most people would not consider it abuse to let a baby cry themselves to sleep, as long as the baby is not left alone and is checked on periodically.

Do people feel emotions less strongly as they grow older?

There is no definitive answer to this question. Some people may feel emotions less strongly as they age, while others may find that their emotions become more intense. There are many factors that can affect how people experience emotions, including physical health, life experiences, and individual personality traits.

What if you deliver pizza to the FBI with a terrorist name?

If you deliver pizza to the FBI with a terrorist name, you could be arrested and charged with a crime.

Why was JFK Jr. given so much more media attention than his sister Caroline, over the years?

There are a few potential explanations for this. JFK Jr. was the firstborn child of a very famous and iconic president, which may have made him more newsworthy. Additionally, JFK Jr. pursued a career in acting and politics, while Caroline has mostly stayed out of the public eye. Finally, JFK Jr. died in a tragic plane crash, which generated a great deal of media coverage.

Thick piano book won't stay open, how do I keep it open?

It can begravity. Try putting a rock or something on top of it to keep it from closing.

Are stock buybacks effective in recirculating resources back into the community?

There is no easy answer to this question. Some people argue that stock buybacks are a way for corporations to redistribute resources back into the community, while others argue that buybacks simply benefit wealthy shareholders and do nothing to help the average person.

How do you activate skulls in Halo 2?

There is no activate button. Instead, you must discover them by chance while playing the game.

Why is it easy for me to read but not communicate?

There are a number of possible explanations:

1. It could be that reading is a stronger skill for you than speaking. This is not uncommon - many people are better at reading and writing than they are at speaking and listening.

2. Alternatively, it could be that you find it easy to read because you are a native speaker of the language. This means that you have a good understanding of the grammar and vocabulary, which makes reading easier. However, when it comes to speaking, you may not have as much confidence or feel as comfortable using the language.

3. It could also be that you are shy or introverted, and so find it easier to communicate through reading and writing than through speaking. This is perfectly normal - introverts often prefer written communication to verbal communication.

4. Finally, it could be that you simply haven't had much practice speaking the language. If you've only ever used the language for reading and writing, then it's natural that you would find it easier to communicate in those ways. However, if you start speaking more often, you will probably find that your communication skills improve.

Are the Indianapolis Colts purposely "throwing" the season to get Stanford's Andrew Luck for the 2012 draft?

This is a difficult question to answer definitively. However, given that the Colts have been one of the worst teams in the NFL this season and that they have been linked to Luck in various ways, it is possible that they are purposely trying to lose games in order to increase their chances of getting the first overall pick in the draft.

What is the most heartbreaking thing a foster child has asked you?

"Do you think my mom will ever love me again?"

Why as a human race do we accept the 40 hour work week, retire at age 64 when your health is failing, never getting the chance to explore the world, money driven society we live in?

The answer may vary depending on who you ask but some possible reasons include:

-a belief that this is just the way things are and have always been
-the feeling that there is no other way to earn a living
-acceptance of the status quo
-fear of change
-lack of awareness of other options

What is ground state?

The ground state is the lowest possible energy state an atom or molecule can have.

Does it exclude coronary artery disease if I can sustain at heart rate 150 for >10 minutes on the treadmill without any discomfort and that too after weight exercises of 30 minutes?

The heart rate during maximal exercise testing is a measure of how well the heart is able to meet the demands of physical activity. Coronary artery disease can be present even if the heart rate during exercise is within the normal range.

What was the kissing protocol in 1st century Palestine? Was it common for an adult man to kiss another adult man with no sexual implication?

There is no specific kissing protocol mentioned in the Bible for 1st century Palestine. However, it is common for men to kiss each other as a sign of affection and friendship in many cultures around the world, so it is likely that this would also have been the case in Palestine at that time.

Can Silver Surfer beat Odin at full power?

No, Silver Surfer cannot beat Odin at full power. While the Silver Surfer is incredibly powerful, he is not on the same level as the Allfather. Odin is one of the most powerful beings in all of creation and his power is virtually limitless. Silver Surfer would stand no chance against him in a fight.

When should we fit the newspaper reading in our daily time table?

In order to make time for reading the newspaper, it is necessary to schedule it into the daily routine. Depending on the person's daily schedule, this could mean reading the newspaper in the morning during breakfast, or in the evening before going to bed. It is important to find a time that works best for the individual and stick to that schedule as much as possible.

How should you not measure life?

There is no universally accepted answer to this question, as different people may have different opinions on what is most important in life. However, some possible ways to measure life that could be considered inappropriate or inaccurate include measuring it in terms of material possessions, physical appearance, or social status. Additionally, measuring life based on fulfilment of personal desires or goals could be considered superficial, as it does not take into account the deeper aspects of existence.

Who has Oliver Twist's architecture photo?

I don't know.

Why is Balasore called the Sand City of Odisha?

The Balasore district of Odisha is popularly known as the 'Sand City' due to the availability of large reserves of sand dunes in the area. The sand dunes are a major source of construction material for the state and are extensively mined for the purpose.

Jeff Bezos knocks on your door in a panic and claims someone is after him. Would you help him?

Yes, I would help Jeff Bezos if he said someone was after him.

Will the Nintendo NX gain third-party interest?

Unsure. Nintendo has not released much information about the Nintendo NX, so it is difficult to say whether or not third-party developers will be interested in creating games for the platform.

What are the best action and shooting type offline games for PC?

There are many great action and shooting offline games for PC, but some of our favorites include the Borderlands series, the Call of Duty series, and the Halo series.

What if someone who is not from an IIT or a B-School wants to write a novel or biography and share his experiences with the rest of the world?

There is no one answer to this question since there is no one way to write a novel or biography. However, some tips that may be helpful for someone who is not from an IIT or a B-School include:

-Start by brainstorming ideas for your novel or biography. What is your story about? What experiences do you want to share with readers?

-Write down your thoughts and ideas in a notebook or on a computer. Keep a daily writing goal in mind, even if it is only a few hundred words.

-Rework and revise your story as you go. Editing and revising are essential parts of the writing process.

-Find a local writers group or workshop to get feedback on your work. Alternatively, hire a professional editor to help you polish your manuscript.

I need a Hong Kong based best payment gateway for pc remote tech support business located in India, can somebody help me to get it?

Some of the popular payment gateways in Hong Kong are Alipay, WeChat Pay, and UnionPay.

Which are the cities around the globe which literally costs less than 5 USD living expenses per day?

Some of the cheapest cities to live in around the globe include Karachi, Pakistan; Mumbai, India; and Cairo, Egypt. All of these cities have a cost of living that is less than $5 per day.

Siya and Riya are sisters. Four years later, the sum of their age is 56. The ratio of their ages is 5:7. What are the ages of both sisters?

Riya is 35 and Siya is 21.

In the Vishnu Purana, it is stated that an astrologer is damned to a certain kind of hell called ‘Adhomukha’. Is astrology a sin?

No, astrology is not a sin.

How does AdaBoost decide decision stumps on a multivariate case?

AdaBoost decides decision stumps by finding the best possible split on each feature and then selecting the split that results in the largest information gain.

What has caused Jimmy & Rosalind Carter to shrink to such miniature proportions?

A shrinking spell has been placed on Jimmy and Rosalind Carter by an unknown person.

Is the complete medical history taken only with new patients or is this always done with patients that have new complaints?

The complete medical history is taken with new patients, and it is also taken with established patients who have new complaints.

Are you impressed with MrBean 3500VR being able to mod Mario Kart Wii and make a 24 playable mode running with Wii hardware?

Yes, I think it's amazing that he was able to mod Mario Kart Wii and make a 24 playable mode running with Wii hardware.

If Juan Martin Del Potro is injury-free, how many grand slams could he have won?

He could have won four grand slams.

After the ABDA command was dissolved in February 1942, what happened to the remaining ships, air squadrons, and land units that were able to be withdrawn from Southeast Asia?

They were reassigned to other commands in the Indian Ocean area.

What is the single most important trait of a successful police officer?

This is a difficult question to answer. There are many important traits of a successful police officer, such as integrity, courage, and determination.

What was the level of Latino or Hispanic involvement in the American Revolutionary War?

There is no definitive answer to this question because there are no records of the ethnicity of soldiers in the American Revolutionary War. However, it is estimated that between two and five percent of the Continental Army was made up of Latino or Hispanic soldiers.

Display Advertising: What is the best way to optimize readings and eye-catching on a published ad ?

There is no one definitive answer to this question as it largely depends on the product or service being advertised, as well as the target audience. However, some tips for optimizing published ads for maximum readings and eye-catching power include using strong visuals, clear and concise text, and an overall eye-catching design. Additionally, placing the ad in a highly visible location such as on the front page of a website or in a prominent position within a publication can also help to increase its impact.

My house was significantly damaged by a refinery explosion (around $30k worth of repairs). Can I write this off on my taxes?

I'm not a tax expert, but I don't think you can write off property damage on your taxes.

How long does the outer layer last on Brie?

Brie is a soft cheese, so it does not last as long as harder cheeses. Once the outer layer is removed, you should eat the cheese within 1-2 weeks.

Why do US students not get a master's degree before pursuing a PhD?

There is no one answer to this question. Some students may feel that they do not need a master's degree to pursue a PhD, or that a master's degree would not add anything to their education. Other students may not be able to afford to pursue a master's degree before a PhD, or may not be able to get into a master's program.

Do you think parents should be required to have home phones?

There is no correct answer to this question as it depends on the opinions of the parents in question. Some parents may feel that a home phone is essential in case of emergencies, while others may prefer to rely on mobile phones or other forms of communication. Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to have a home phone should be left up to the parents.

For what produce is New Jersey the third highest harvester?


Why is China way more interested in Pakistan than India even though India is a way more better option compared to Pakistan?

There are a number of factors that account for China's greater interest in Pakistan compared to India, including:

1. Geography: Pakistan is located on China's western doorstep, while India is located further south and east. This makes Pakistan a more convenient and logical partner for China, especially given their shared border.

2. Economics: Pakistan is a poorer country than India and is therefore more dependent on Chinese investment and aid. This makes Pakistan more attractive to China from a purely economic standpoint.

3. Politics: The two countries have a closer relationship due to their shared history as members of the British Commonwealth and their mutual enemy in India. This has resulted in a stronger political bond between Pakistan and China.

Which is better for the UPSC’s current affairs, as per your experience: Rau's Focus magazine or Vision IAS’ magazine?

There is no clear winner between the two as both have their own unique strengths and weaknesses. It really depends on the individual preferences of the person preparing for the UPSC exam.

Why do dyno charts start so high in the RPM range? My driving starts at idle (~600 RPM).

Dyno charts start at around 2500 RPM because that is where an engine produces its peak power.

In which comic book did the Flash die and why?

The Flash died in The Dastardly Death of the Rogues. The cause of death was never revealed, but it is assumed that the Rogues killed him.

What online credit program is needed to boost points to process immigration status?

There is no specific credit program needed to boost points to process immigration status. However, maintaining a good credit score and history is important, as this may be one of the factors that immigration officials take into account when making their decisions.

How did Spanish and Portuguese evolve to use the same word for "to like" but with subject and object in opposite positions around the verb?

This is a result of the influence of Latin on the two languages. In Latin, the verb "to like" is "ulere" and it is conjugated as follows:

First person singular: uolo

Second person singular: uis

Third person singular: uult

First person plural: uolumus

Second person plural: uultis

Third person plural: uolunt

Notice that the word order is verb + subject + object. When Spanish and Portuguese evolved from Latin, they kept the verb + subject + object word order, but over time they changed the Ending of the verb to match the subject pronoun. For example, in Spanish the word for "I like" is "me gusta" and "you like" is "te gusta." The word for "like" in both cases is "gustar." In Portuguese, the word for "I like" is "gosto" and "you like" is "gostas." Again, notice that in both cases the word for "like" is "gostar."

Can you use the same UPS shipping label for multiple packages?

The same UPS shipping label can be used for multiple packages as long as the package dimensions and weights are the same.

Is it possible for older singers to make it big again?

It's certainly possible for an older singer to make a comeback, although it's admittedly difficult. There are many factors working against singers as they age, including a decline in physical attractiveness and vocal ability. In addition, the music industry largely focuses on young artists, making it hard for older singers to get signed to major labels or to receive radio airplay. Nevertheless, there have been a number of successful comebacks by older artists, including Tina Turner, Barbra Streisand, and Paul Simon. If an artist has maintained a loyal fan base, has continued to produce quality music, and is able to generate some buzz, then it is possible for them to have a successful comeback.

What is the difference in composition between a coil and a resistor?

The difference in composition between a coil and a resistor is that a coil is made of wrapped wire while a resistor is made of a material that resists the flow of electricity.

Are there any good books on kingdom development?

The Bible is a great book on kingdom development. Other good books include The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren and Wild At Heart by John Eldredge.

In Mainland China, why was the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone (SEZ) expanded in 2010 to include Baoan district and Longgang district?

Baoan and Longgang are geographically close to Shenzhen, and expanding the SEZ to include them would make logistics and transportation more efficient. Additionally, Baoan and Longgang have developed rapidly in recent years, and expanding the SEZ would provide more opportunities for economic growth.

What are the important key factors which will affect the fate of mankind? Should my observational reasons for choosing this site need understanding before the book is sealed?

Some important key factors which will affect the fate of mankind are:
-The way we treat the environment
-The way we treat each other
-The choices we make
-The technology we develop
-The values we hold

Why do people hate live service in gaming?

People hate live service in gaming because it creates a sense of entitlement among players. When games are released in a state that is not "finished", players feel like they are owed something from the developers. This can lead to frustration and even anger when new content is not released on schedule, or when it is not up to the quality that was promised. Additionally, live service can be used to nickel-and-dime players by selling microtransactions or charging for DLC. This can create a pay-to-win situation where those who spend more money have an advantage over those who do not.

What was Balaji Viswanathan's experience with Mitra at Global Entrepreneurship Summit?

Balaji Viswanathan's experience with Mitra was very positive. He said that Mitra was very helpful and knowledgeable about the event and he was able to get a lot of useful information from her.

Can an eviction hearing still take place if the tenant voluntarily ends their tenancy in the property?

Yes, the eviction hearing can still take place if the tenant voluntarily ends their tenancy in the property.

Do you believe the multiverse, other realities, other dimensions, and other universes exist?

I do not know if they exist, but it is possible.

How do volunteers pay off student loans?

There is no one way for volunteers to pay off student loans. Some may choose to work with organizations that offer loan repayment assistance, while others may use personal savings or income from part-time jobs. Some volunteers may even choose to defer their loans while they are serving.

Do I have to register for the 2nd round more counseling again if I had already registered for the 1st round?

No, there is no need to register for the second round of counseling separately. Your registration will be automatically carried forwarded from the first to the second round.

If one was interested in purposefully collecting haunted items, like a museum for example, how would one acquire such either in real life or online?

There is no one definitive answer to this question. One way to find haunted items is to attend auctions or antique shows where such items might be sold. There are also online dealers who sell allegedly haunted items, though it can be difficult to verify the authenticity of these claims. Finally, some people may choose to create their own haunted items by using objects with personal meaning and attaching a spirit or ghost to them through ritual or ceremony.

What are interesting facts about Parad Shivling?

There are many interesting facts about Parad Shivling. Firstly, it is said to be made of an amalgamation of eight metals which gives it its unique black color. Secondly, it is believed to have immense power and energy and is therefore considered to be a very auspicious object. Lastly, it is said to be indestructible and thus, considered to be extremely sacred.

Is Rupert Murdoch a worse enemy of the USA than Putin since Fox News has done the US a lot of damage, especially in the COVID-19 pandemic?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on one's perspective. From one perspective, Rupert Murdoch may be seen as a worse enemy of the USA than Putin since Fox News has been accused of spreading misinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic, which has potentially led to more people becoming sick or dying. From another perspective, however, Putin may be seen as a worse enemy of the USA since he is the leader of a nation that has been accused of meddling in U.S. elections and of waging cyberattacks against American targets.

My messages on messenger are showing as 'sent' not 'delivered'. I can still see the recipients active status and they have been online a lot since I sent the messages. Does this mean I have been 'muted' or 'ignored' or potentially either one?

If the messages are showing as sent, then they have been sent. If the recipients are not responding, then they may be ignoring you or may have muted you.

Will Donald Trump continue to be a businessman in the US after leaving office?

There is no definitive answer, but it seems unlikely that Trump will continue to be a businessman in the US after leaving office.

Would you like to see Barinder Sran and Jasprit Bumrah bowl together?

Yes, I would like to see Barinder Sran and Jasprit Bumrah bowl together. They are both very talented bowlers and I think they could form a good partnership.

What does it mean when someone had a red shirt season?

It means that they had a lot of success.

If you were given the job of terminating SCP-682 how would you do it?

If I were given the job of terminating SCP-682, I would first attempt to contain it. If containment is not possible, I would use a powerful weapon to destroy it.

What is a realistic amount of money a mercenary would be paid? A flat fee? Monthly? By the mission? Body count?

This is a difficult question to answer as it depends on a number of factors, including the difficulty of the mission, the amount of risk involved, the number of mercenaries hired, and the client's budget. Generally speaking, mercenaries are paid either a flat fee or a percentage of the overall mission budget. In some cases, they may also receive bonuses for completing missions successfully or for achieving certain objectives.

Did the Hmong people ever have their own country? I live in Northeast Wisconsin, USA. A Hmong lady told me that her people had once had their own country and it was called Hmong. She said that the Vietnamese took it from them. Is this true?

The Hmong did not have their own country, but they did inhabit an area known as Hmongland. This area was located in what is now southern China, northwestern Vietnam, and northeastern Laos.

Who would win, Shriek from Marvel or Black Canary from DC?

Shriek from Marvel

What is the difference between she call me, she calls me, and she called me?

The difference between "she call me," "she calls me," and "she called me" is that "she call me" is in the present tense, "she calls me" is in the present tense conjugated for third person singular, and "she called me" is in the past tense.

Why do politicians in Delhi forget the welfare of Odisha and the Northeast even though they were Indians?

There are several potential reasons why politicians in Delhi may forget the welfare of Odisha and the Northeast. Some possible explanations include:

-The vast majority of political representation and power is concentrated in Delhi, meaning that those who live and work in the capital may be less likely to be aware of or concerned about the welfare of people in other parts of the country.

-Odisha and the Northeast are relatively poor and underdeveloped regions, compared to other parts of India, so their needs may be seen as less pressing or important.

- Politicians may view the people of Odisha and the Northeast as being less valuable votes compared to people living in other parts of India, making it less politically expedient for them to champion their causes.

How often does the stomach produce acid?

The stomach produces acid in response to food.

I know a gold jewelist in Dubai while I live in Canada, how do I go about buying my wife a gift from him and get it sent here to Canada from Dubai, ex. Costumes, anything wrong with that?

There is nothing wrong with that, but you may need to pay for shipping and customs fees.

An object sits at rest upon a rough surface even though it is being pushed. What type of friction is acting in order to do so?

Friction is necessary in order for an object to sit at rest upon a rough surface. The type of friction acting in this case is kinetic friction.

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